Bardin's rework?


In these balancing ideas that I bring, all changes are based on small things that I noticed playing, I’m not a main bardin and some ideas can be better checked by someone who is a main bardin, and these buffs and nerfs would not always be because the character is “bad” or “good”, sometimes it’s just to make it more thematic or fun.



level 10
last breath: REWORK, bardin gains 18% melee power when your weapon clip is empty

Master of improvisation: buff/rework, when reloading an unloaded weapon, reduces disengage cooldown by 2 seconds. if the weapon has more than 1 projectile per clip the reduction is increased by 2s

Kills enemies now this skill has become: economic hunter: for each consumable item equipped on the bardin, he gains 4% damage mitigation and increases the RUNNER’S IMPROVISE perk by 4% per stack. Max stocks: 3

level 25

Do not waste time! Rework: for each item in bardin’s inventory, he gains 2% ranged power and 2% movement per inventory (Max: 3), when using a consumable this bonus doubles for 3min

level 30

Guest: buff, the disengagement’s stealth doesn’t end if you leave the cloud of smoke, in addition to bardin gaining a bottle of wine that, when consumed, heals 10 health and increases movement speed by 10% for 10 seconds

Ranger starting gift: buff, bardin already starts with a bomb

PASSIVE ABILITY: adjustment, survivor’s hideout changes appearance and becomes the same as vermintide 1 (ammo)


level 10

Under pressure: buff/nerf, damage(-80% to 120%) to (-50 to 100%), and attack speed(100% to -50%) to (100% to -35%), removes overload deceleration.

Blood of Griminir: rework/buff, increases nearby allies’ power by 5%, and increases strength of resilient advantage by an additional 25%

RUNED SHIELD:buff/rework, blocking an attack increases the power of bardin and nearby allies by 2% for 14 seconds, stacks up to 6 times. Shields stack 2x faster

level 20

TUNNELS COMBATANT: rework, every hit received by bardin damage is reflected to all nearby enemies.

REVENGE: buff, periodically generates stacks of increasing rage every 6 seconds while gromril is active. Losing gromril gains 8% attack speed and 2% mitigation for each stack of increasing rage. (Remodel on the icon: currently the revenge skill activation icon is the same as the rune shield activation icon)



New benefits:
almost a Bugman’s Brew: For every 100 eliminations, bardin gains a Bugman’s Brew in his potion inventory. when drinking “Bugman’s Brew” bardin gains 50% curse resistance, receives 10% damage reduction, gains 10% additional damage against specials and elites. all these bonuses for 5 minutes.
when drinking it stuns all nearby enemies including monsters. (visual effect of red smoke when drinking)

path of carnage: buff, from 7.5% to 10%

+1 second duration

level 10
A THOUSAND CUTS: buff, +5% movement speed

SKULL SPLITTER: +5% movement speed

Slashes & Blows: rework/buff, increases critical strike chance by 5%, knockback attacks gain 15% critical strike chance and +10% critical strike power

level 25
GRIMNIR’S FOCUS: buff, from 5 seconds to 8 seconds

level 30
LOOT-DAWI: rework/buff, increases attack damage by 150% while in the air, every enemy bardin jumps the damage bonus duration is increased by 0.2s
(Modifies Jump to old Jump)




AT FULL STEAM: the power
additional only activates after the first ranged shot, similar to the level 10 feat: combined weapons.
When exceeding 5 stacks bardin gains the “POWER OF THE PISTON”, this effect only occurs every 25s seconds

EXPERIMENTAL STEAM CAPACITORS: pressure buildups are not removed when reaching full charge or firing the steam handgun (mkII), each buildup increases the cooldown of draconic weapons by 10% (if the skill bar is full, even can generate stacks for the draconic weapon)

TOP SEAL: Pressure does not reduce over time. Each stack of pressure increases the radius of explosions by 20% and damage reduction by 3%. Maximum stacks are reduced by 1.


BOMBER: REWORK, this talent now turns into
CONTROLLED FLAMES: The higher the overload of draconic weapons, the faster the career skill regeneration 20%/40%/60%/80%
(By forcing a draconic weapon to cool down, bardin takes no damage and transfers 30% pressure to career skill, can only be done every 60 seconds)

Now that talent turns into
GUNPOWDER UTILITIES: Increases weapons magazine by 1 projectile before reloading (does not work with explosive projectiles, however the projectile explosion radius is increased by 15%)


INNOVATIVE AMMO HOPPER: Rework, increases bardin’s skill bar by 60% and reduces heat on draconic weapons by 20%.

LINKED COMPRESSION CHAMBER: Rework, the mkw manual machine gun suddenly starts firing at full speed instead of increasing. The more overload the engineer’s flamethrower is, the more Damage the mk2 machine gun causes. 10%/13%/15%/17%/20% more Damage

Gromril Plated Shot: Reduces the rate of fire of the Steam Handheld Machine Gun (MK2), but increases damage and armor penetration. Increases skill bar by 50.

PASSIVE ABILITY: bardin can modify the barrels to make a modified barrel (Khazid Kro, end times dlc), bardin can take the barrel in the heal inventory, if bardin takes damage in the back the barrel will explode in 3s. The barrel can be activated manually or positioned somewhere and activated from a distance within 30 seconds.


New perk: Engineer’s Flamethrower: On top of the bardin is an Engineer’s Flamethrower.
(The flamethrower can BE used with other weapons at the same time
including the mk2 manual machine gun)
(activated with special button)
(While flamethrower is active bardin’s movement speed is drastically reduced)
(Engineer’s flamethrower overload has a Blue Bar and Fire is a little blue)
(Passing the overload breaks the equipment for 2:00 minutes)
(Overload cannot force cool down and cool down time is 1:00)
(Total flame time: 15 seconds)

Gunsmith: Increases ammo capacity by 25%

beholder: REMOVED, this perk is now the old level 25 BOMBER talent

Utility Belt: Bardin can also create a super bomb (from the chaoss desert) when he has 3 bombs in his inventory (this bomb will not work with the bomber perk). This super bomb takes a while to build.

Visual change:
The pressure gauge on the machine gun goes up a little more, so the player can see it whenever he has the machine gun in hand, and know the skill bar


Pistol: +10% damage

Grudge Sweep: +2 ammo

Crossbow: +5 ammo

Masterwork Pistol: -3% damage

Throwing Axes:
10+ more Damage
+10% reload speed

Draconic Pistols: Nothing

Draco weapon: nothing

Melee Weapons

Great axe: nothing

Axe: new progression (rework), not to be equal to saltzpyre

Ax and shield: nothing

Hammer and shield: nothing

Hammer: +1 stamina/+4 damage

toothed hammer: nothing

Two-Handed Hammer: New Knockback Attack

Double hammer: nothing

Pickaxe: +15% Charged Attack Damage
+5% critical chance on heavy hits

Double Axe: +3 damage