Bardin: Ranger Veteran problems

So I’m leveling my fourth character to 30 at the moment and it’s Bardin. I played a bit Slayer and Ironbreaker and finally started to play Ranger Veteran. I don’t get the point of the level 15 talents, as they’re completely useless.

Last Resort
Bardin gains a 15.0% Power increase when out of ammunition.

So you want me to be out of ammunition on a class that is focussed on ranged? I get the idea on this trade deal, but first of all 15.0% more Power is ridiculously low for being bound to melee only and second why would you want to give up on all other talents and passives that improve my ranged weapon?

No Dawdling!
Increases movement speed by 5.0%.

Why would I want that? Can I outrun any enemy with those little feet and bit of extra movement speed? Just seems wasted.

Curl up
While grabbed or pounced all damage taken is reduced by 50.0%.

Some defensive talent that can be picked, if you know that you get pounced/grabbed often. Seems ok as other characters/trees have something similar.

Bardin’s career ability “Disengage” deals damage to himself and his teammates.

Fatshark, please reconsider.

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