WoM is Ranger Vet getting nerfed as hard as it seems?

I play on ps4 so I cant test out the new perks from WoM myself yet bit I was looking through the new perk system and slayer and IB seem like they are getting good solid even balance changes…ish but it sorta feels like Ranger is kinda getting nerfed and nothing else. Ranger is already a barely played class as it is so I dont see where this is coming from. Any PC players out there played with the new ranger changes to traits? Is it as bad as it looks on paper or is he still viable a bit?

I only played Bardin so far, but not much. Seems to me like Ranger Vet took a hit as well. His best weapon, the Grudgeraker, took some heavy nerfs like damage and cleave reduction, but not being able to regen ammo with bashing probably is the worst one. I understand that this was probably an unintended mechanic and I am in favor of removing it in itself (always felt cheesy to me), but it was one of the reasons why he could keep up with other classes, so I’d have hoped they gave him something in return. None of his other talents can really be considered great buffs either. The relatively lesser effectiveness of ranged weapons with the new mechanics makes him less effective as special and elite killer. He isn’t great at melee either because he hardly has talents fir that.

I guess he needs a balance pass. He either needs buffs to help his melee (like combat skills and more hitpoints - he’s a Dwarf after all), or they need to make him purely Ranged focussed more (but that doesn’t seem to fit his “alrounder” character theme a lot).

Ranger Vet still has some things going for him, like his Ult which is really powerful, but overall I agree he seems to have taken a nerf indeed…

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