Ranger Veteran has no purpose

Don’t get me wrong his active is neat and all for when things go south… but why should I want an ability that helps me only when someone / I make a mistake? In an optimal run or when you are a good player you will have very few situations or next to non when you want to have his active.

Other than that his talents feel really underwhelming and instead of bringing a ranger veteran with grudge raker I might aswell take Iron Breaker with grudge rakerand the only difference is like 7 shots less but now I have an IB in my team who actually gets stuff done.

What are your thoughts about Ranger Veteran? Maybe he will become better when we stop having infinite ammo ranged specs (Bounty Hunter, Waystalker), but as of now it looks like we will keep infinite ammo ranged specs and with that no reason in bringing him at all into legend runs.


Was discussed in several occasions already.

He could use some tweaks but he is not too far of from being balanced. His ult boosts his ranged damage btw and it’s most noticable on grudge raker. It also seems to let you do significant damage to chaos warriors while it’s active. Not quite 1shot material like some other classes but still considerable.

It doesn’t ignore armor though? Are they guaranteed crits? I thought they were only increased in damage.

The opportunity cost for ranger is great. IB is just better at pulling his own weight. Veteran can be good for the potion drops but I am always carrying grim so I can’t use potions to their potential (I play the shade almost exclusively now).

You get like one ammo for handgun per ammo bag but much more if you take the improved ammo level 15. Its sooo hard to pass up that extra ammo because it generates 6 shots for grudge. My friend uses the bomb drop skill. Its pretty good but I can guarantee ranger die pretty quickly when there is a horde.

I think it changes the damage specifically against chaos armour. It’s different than regular armor so it might have different properties and multipliers. I wish we had a dummy in keep with chaos armour.

Ranger is a good class, but I agree… He needs some little buff:

  • ammo bags dropped should give us more arrows/bullets;
  • his active should be an istant cast;
  • firing into smoke should gives more bonus damage against armor/bosses.
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His F needs to stop doing self damage and FF, I get it, FS just plugged in an incendiary bomb for the model, but those do damage on burst, and killing yourself with your own F is pretty freakin stupid for an old ranger trick.


The biggest weakness of the Ranger Veteran is that IB is just… well, IB.
I’d love if he had some passive akin to “hits over 30m crit”, or some other signature move. Supporting the team is all nice, but when it comes to pure utility, I think I’d take the IB’s taunt and quasi-Invulnerability any match, no matter who I’m playing.

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Mother of Pearl ! this!!! (ammo bags dropped should give us more arrows/bullets;)

What is it, 2 measly bullets? pathetic.

Sadly you’re correct. One of my usual V2 partners plays almost exclusively Bardin and IB is so good it’s unreal. The taunt and survivability of IB are fantastic and can easily save a group from horribly timed hordes.

Ranger Vet has some neat (old Ranger) tricks, but there’s very little what’s better than a fine suit of Gromril.

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it depends on the weapon. with the ranged classes already having pretty much infinite ammo regen or ammo on crit, giving more ammo on specials is really only beneficial when there are no ammo drops on level and even then not needed really for waystalker or bounty hunter o sienna of course

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I think that elite enemies should drop ammo too, albeit less.


Ever thought about slashing through an entire horde alone, while you don’t have to fear getting hit? Or a Chaos Patrol/ Stormvermin patrol? You can literally solo them.

I think he is a fun and good choice, but his talents on level 10 are a bit underwhelming.

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Ranger veteran deals a lot of concentrated damage, is a fantastic special-killer, and also supports his team with ammunition and potion drops. He’s more than capable of ‘getting stuff done’.

The grudge raker is probably the best firearm in the game, and the ranger’s talents make it even better. The tighter spread and quickened reload makes it apt for dealing with multiple specials in his hands than in IBs, and actually having consistent ammo drops & a larger ammo pool let you use it way more often. with Ironbreaker you get two shots in a horde, and then you’d better hope no other special show up… and you go through those 12 shots real fast.

The ranger’s ability makes him undetectable for a huge amount of time, during which he can just unload his shotgun or wail on people with his weapons and that’s REAL good. It might not be as flashy as Bounty hunter or Huntsman, but you still get ridiculous damage potential. He can also revive people without risking taking damage, which is incredibly useful in boss fights.

Ranger is harder to use than Bounty hunter, but that doesn’t mean he has no purpose. The game is designed around having each character excel in a particular role, and bardin’s is tank, but he’s still more than capable of functioning as a ranged damage dealer.


But why does he have ranged weapon damage dropoff then? It makes NO sense.

I play him a fair bit and think he is in a much better place than the other ranged specs, most of which need to be toned down. This includes Ironbreaker. Ranger Veteran is fun, unique, and viable without being overbearing. The subclass is pretty much the ideal standard.

RV gets enough ammo to support a ranged-heavy playstyle, but cannot spam shots at every ambient rat mindlessly. The grudgeraker is a fantastic weapon that works very well in most situations, but has enough weaknesses to keep it in line. Absolutely annihilates elites/specials at close-to-mid range and is a great crowd clearing tool at a much further distances than you would expect, but suffers against very distant specials, performs poorly against bosses, inflicts HEAVY friendly fire damage if you aren’t careful, and can catch you in a bad place during frequent reloads. Many of these disadvantages can be shored up by your melee weapon, which should not be ignored by ranged characters.

Smoke bomb is fine. You say that groups simply should not be getting into situations where **** hits the fan, but I’d say a grand total of 0% of players are able to attain this mythical level of perfect play, especially in a game that is infamous for occasionally having ridiculous and unfair spawns, especially on higher difficulties. It’s also quite nice for laying into bosses/patrols while they completely ignore you.


Seems like you got that completely wrong. Every tree defines a different playstyle, and NO character itself is bound to something, so Bardin is NOT a tank. You can play him like one, especially with the Ironbreaker tree, but you could still use some weapon with shield and tank with that on another tree.

As others have already said, the Ranger is quite weak anyway, especially since they removed his really useful ability (the modifier to drop health).

As he currently stands, whenever I see a ranger I groan inwardly, as IB Bardin is just superior in every way and there are far better ranged characters out there to take the roll of a ranged class.

His ultimate is trash. Serves only himself, works only in the smoke area (unlike Shade who has actual invisibility/stealth/however you want to call it), sometimes doesn’t work at all and more often than not never gets used in a play through anyway. If they reworked his ultimate from the ground up, then he might be worth taking.

That being said, if you enjoy him, you play him. Not going to tell anyone else how to play their game :slight_smile: Personally though, I will stick with my Ironbreaker, or the Slayer if I fancy a change, and hope for a rework on the Ranger (so I can use the only damned red I have… the handcannon :confused: ).

You read me wrong. I’m not saying these heroes are bound to class roles, no, but they definitely excel in certain ones more than others. Just looking at the talents of the subclasses make it clear to see that they are clearly not intended to be balanced at all, but instead favor some builds.

For example, bardin isn’t nearly as good at being a ranged DPS as the Ranger Veteran is weaker than waystaker, thanks to her longer range, powerful ultimate and infinite arrows, and Bounty hunter, thanks to its extremely powerful ultimate and crit-abilities… But then, tank bardin is probably the best tank in the game, as Ironbreaker easily outclasses both handmaiden and unchained, while zealot really isn’t built to CC for the team.

And absolutley nothing was done about that. Not even a bloody hint that FS gives a damn whether this class is played by more than 3 people total.
So until that changes, here we are again.

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