Ranger Bardin - fast long range weapon?

Suggestion: Ranger Bardin could use a faster-loading long range weapon.

Something like a repeater-crossbow perhaps. Or multi-barreled handgun . Maybe even a Shortbow(not that dwarf’ish I know)

Something like the Drakefire Pistols but for the Ranger Career.

The other Classes seems to have some nice different options for fast ranged combat.

Kerillian: Got bows, fast shooting and all in between.
Victor: Repeater, Flintlocks both fast.
Sienna: Lots of ranged staffs.
Kruber: Huntsman: A nice longbow and a rather fast shooting Reapter.

  • How do you feel?

I do admit it feels strange that the Ranger Veteran is outclassed in ranged weaponry by the tank equivalent for Bardin.

The ranger only has access to three ranged weapons. Two of them being sniping and one for medium range burst. Aside from wanting to keep the heat based weapons to the Ironbreaker, it feels odd that the Ironbreaker has access to all ranged weapons for that character, and not the Ranger.


They could also just increase his reload speed with crossbow, guns and grudge takers. These weapons should be ranger only and balanced around ranger.

I don’t understand why the ranger cant use the drakefire pistols, he used them in the last game. I would love to see them on ranger, that way he could save the ammo drops for teammates but he would miss out on the extra ammo passive. It would be balenced IMO.

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Same feelings here. I started to “main” the dwarf, and I would like to play him more as a ranged character rather than a super tank. However, you get an insane amount of kills and headshots with the drakefire guns, and it feels like there’s currently no way for the ranger career to be more efficient at range, in the current state.

I’ve had great luck with the grudge raker using the talent that reduces spread. Even at long distance you can hit for a lot. Great for special killing.


I second this, with the two shots you can manage admerable damage on even armored targets at medium range.

The Grudge Raker is awesome for sure, but the problem is that it feels that it outclasses the other ranged weapons for him by a mile

The Grudge Raker is really good at what it do.

Just looking for a long range, low impact weapon with no long reload time like the elf’s bows, krubers bow, sienna’s staffs etc.

Not an gamebreaking issue but could be nice if the ranged career for the dwarf had some … range.

Again feel like the Drakefire Pistols are somewhat missing for the Ranger.

Gonna try that out. Beause it can allready do some okey medium-ranged damage:-)

The Grudge Raker is one of the best ranged weapons in the game and one of its major downside is the limited ammunition. Ranger can get a lot of ammunition, if he choses to, which makes Ranger one of the strongest ranged classes. Not every melee spec has access to a spear or halberd, either.
The Handgun still deals good damage at range, but that’s it. It feels a bit lackluster for sure. That also applies to Kruber’s Handgun.

Drakefire Weapons are way overtuned right now, outclassing everything, but Sienna and maybe Waystalker.

… tried it several runs now and it works really well with the reduced spread!