Bardin - Ranger Veteran - Passive ability: Survivalist

What if it gives ?% of max ammunition to all party-members/teammates, instead of Bardin drops ammunition pouch/sack?

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You’re offering a poll without giving us a reason for the change to need to occur. Why do you think Survivalist needs what I can see to be a buff?


Agree with Twist here, giving it to everyone is too much and there needs to be a justifiable reason for it.

I’m all for Ranger Veteran tweaks, I think default Survivalist needs a buff and his caches still have flaws but idk about this. What’s your thought process??

Remain the how it’s triggered same; when special killed. But instead of we have to pick up the ammunition. All the teammates, including Bardin gets a [Number]% of their max ammunition.

Not sure what % would not make it be OP, though.

By the way, it’s more about the QoL.

There was an older talent that made it so that if Bardin picked up the ammo, everyone else got 10% of their ammo back as well. It was a rarely used talent because a 40% ammo drop pouch was far more useful to someone on low ammo, especially when 10% of the ammo back would sometimes only yield 1 shot.

I think the mechanic works fine the way it’s currently set up. Sure, it’d be “Nicer” and dare I say “Easier” to not have to worry about ammo pickups at all… which is kind of what the suggestion looks like.

Do you find you have a poor QoL when you have a Ranger Veteran on the team?

buffing the base amount of the caches to 20% and then have Grugni’s cunning replaced with Share and Share Alike perhaps?

it’d be a bit of a rebalance but would make the other talents on the row more accessible


I’d think the share alike aspect would still be overshadowed by the other effects (dropping potions or ales), expecially now that there’s so many careers that don’t use ammo or have huge ammo retain.

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true, dunno what else to put in that slot though

Possibly, Grungni’s Cunning does feel almost mandatory.
Ranger Veteran’s base ammo recovery is rather poor relative to other ranged careers, I wouldn’t be surprised if a Blood Fletcher Shade could recover more ammunition per minute.

Not to mention Grudge/Handgun caches are 8.3%, Grungni’s Cunning is equivalent to 3.5 base caches rather than the expected 3.

This is among other “problems”.

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I think 30% ammo it’s not a bad talent, even if it’s often overshadowed for the same reasons, the boon applies mostly to the ranger itself, which might want to float in ammo for whatever reason, rather than just give extra ammo around.

If anything I think the biggest fault of share and share alike was that dropping extra ammo would have more or less the same functionality, while being more appealing for the ranger.

I don’t think it’s bad, in fact I think it’s his best talent on that row.

it’s borderline mandatory for shotgunning

I think it’s good as well, I used it for most of my ranger life, but now I go for ale or potions/bombs. So many times the ammo gets wasted because many careers don’t need it (but then again I use ammo for specials, so I don’t need too much of it)

I think @MeleeSlaaneshFnE needs a timeout from making polls.

Please no more power creep polls. We don’t need another 2018 range meta repeat.


I didn’t say like 100%, I said ?% for a reason.

It’s a terrible idea regardless of what percentage you pick.

Kruber’s handgun holds 12 shots

25% gives 3 bullets
50% gives 6 bullets
75% gives 9 bullets

No matter how you shake it, the idea is either completely worthless or too much power creep and that’s with a gun with LOW ammunition.

Would be even worse with Waystalker plus Swift bow…

I think it’s problem of those weapons then. Not the passive ability. Or it could be done like different by weapon by weapon.

How though?

Anything less than 25% on weapons with low ammunition would just make the talent completely useless and no one would take it.

Anything higher and now the range meta is back. You do know this is a melee focused game, right?

Kruber’s handgun holds 12 shots

LOL I knew that. I’m an idiot :laughing:

The suggestion is still a bad idea though.