One general suggestion for Ranger Veteran if you plan to rework him/fix him

So far i’ve been enjoying RV especialy because of two bugs (or exploits if you prefer) but i realize that when they’ll be fixed i ll have no more reasons to play RV. (i try to have as much ranged kills as melee kills in legend and i m using great axe, gruderaker and the talent that gives 25% bonus power and longer smoke).

So instead of going into details and lots of blabla…
Please , just concider making him a viable/funtouse/rewarding/anywordyoulike melee career and not just a ranged focused career. The infinite smoke range (talent 1 for his active ability) allows him to sneak up to any high treath target and slaugther it, when you ll fix this RV’s melee effectivness will be underwelming.

Maybe his active ability has really bad designe melee wise by using it, ennemies will start runninng toward your allies and so be out of melee range. Also the cooldown is way to long and make it frustrating to “waste it” for only 4-5 heavy attacks in melee. Also note that using his ability in melee range is way to dangerouse because of its long animation.

Tl:dr : make him able to be played as a melee focused career.

I :ok_hand: ✠✠✠✠ :eyes: ✠✠✠PRAISE✠✠✠✠SIGMAR✠✠ :ok_hand::ok_hand: ✠✠ :ok_hand: :eyes: EVERY :ok_hand: ✠✠✠✠ :eyes: ✠✠✠NIGHT✠✠✠

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On one end, yeah it would be nice.
On the other, he is Ranger Veteran, not Melee Veteran. Close combat shouldn’t stand out on him imho. I mean look at his talents, only Last Resort (and Foe-Feller) are melee orientated. And as the name says… last resort:grin:

The ranger is by no means unbalanced or weak at the moment and quite fun to play (just pick more ammo) the only issue I have is that bad teammates just wont stop to steal your ammo. (it’s ok for them if they run low but don’t just take evey single one)

The class is actually quite good and well balanced if you know what you’re doing with it =) Maybe the talent that makes you get +x% power when you are out of ammo has to go, but generally speaking he is fine as of now.

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Just to make it clear, i ve never said he was unbalanced nor an useless career. My issue is that RV while beeing a kinda ranged focused career with nothing really special, lacks some strengh melee wise. I m the kind of RV that mostly use his career ability for melee, because it is fun and i feel like it wont be anymore possible to play him that way with the upcoming fix.

Witch hunter is the headshot boss
Mercenary is the melee cleave boss
Battle wizzar, well it s a bit more complicated…

I just want something (talent, passive, hidden passive, anything) that makes melee feels more speciale.
Also i belive lore wise, rangers are more than capable of defending themself in melee combats.

The RV is only defined by his weapons, not his abilities. He doesn’t have a “kit” if you will, meaning there is basically no synergy between his abilities or talent choices. Considering he is definitely the most “melee/ranged-hybrid” of all the “ranged carreers”, he definitely needs some love just so he becomes more interesting.

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RV has melee weapons? Here I thought all he had was the gruderaker bash.

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