[Ranger Veteran] Rework

A fun rework for me to think what could of been for ranger veteran. Tried balancing his talent tiers around other ranged classes and giving him a unique playstyle out of extra shots procing and relying more on his ammo passive to remain topped off. I dare say he might be a little OP with these changes.

New Weapons:

+Repeater CrossBow (RV Only): Fires 2 bolts at once, on right click zooms.
+Bomb Belt (RV Only): RV sacrifices range weapon for belt of mini bombs, low ammunition less powerful than normal bombs. (Possibly variety of types, weapon special to toggle)


-Rework: Ingenious Improvisation
+Ingenious Improvisation: Guaranteed extra ranged shot every 10 seconds.


Tier 2:
-Replace: -Foe-Feller &/or -Last Resort
+Locked & Loaded: When ammunition is full increase power by 30%
+First Strike: When ammunition is full next ranged attack fires an extra shot

Tier 5:
-Replace: All
+Dwari Resilience: Reduce Cooldown by 20%
+Priority Targeting: Killing elites or specials reduce damage by 1% up to 30%
+Firing Fury: Hitting 2 enemies with one attack reduces reload & Ingenious Improvisation by 20%

Tier 6:
-Replace: Ranger’s Ambush
+Ranger’s Rations: Disengage grants 35 temporary health.

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A little? So do I read this correctly? You want a career which can fire six?! bolts at once? Every 10 seconds?

Repeater Crossbow with 2 bolts per shot. One extra shot every 10 seconds, one extra shot with full ammo (which is super easy due to the constant ammo drops of RV) = 3*2 = 6 bolts with the Repeater crossbow. And still three with about every other ranged weapon. That doesn’t sound fun, it sounds brokenly OP.

Also why the change of the damage reduction from something unique to a blatant copy of a very boring Bounty Hunter talent?

Fair point, I threw in the extra weapons up last as just more flavor to the character didn’t think about their synergy very well, repeater crossbows do less damage in general so could be tuned to spec. I wouldn’t think anymore OP than autocrit BH and nothing like BW atm.

(BH xBox built to crit ~25000 vs 6000 almost 4shot increase every 10 seconds no pre-req of ammo max)

The damage reduction talent currently for headshots would be better on a headshot focused character like Huntsman, special killing seems more like RV talent than BH due to his passive building around getting ammo back from specials. BH would prob make more sense with Huntsman’s damage reduction talent too.

A sensible answer? Hm, I was not prepared for this. Usually people are … different. I’m nearly tried to hold a meaningful discussion but I don’t have enough knowledge for Ranger Veteran after 2.0. Only played him before. But to me it looked like he could work great with a shield as team support.

Well, a general swapping of the damage reduction talents between the careers is something i can live with. I just don’t like the idea of duplication of such specialized talents.

Dumb question: Does the headshot reduction damage work only with range or also with melee. Because if it is the latter it would be pretty good and would indeed work well with Shields too. It would also mean it is slightly different to Huntsman whose Headshot effects cater towards range.

Good point, it does proc on melee headshots, makes its pretty awesome actually, but not perma buff like other two more like slayers.