Changes for vermintide 2 (or V3)

I really like vermitide 1, 2 and darktide… And I see great things in all 3 games. I’ve been playing them all since they were released, and I see these fatshark games (especially Vermintide 2) as having enormous potential, because in this game genre they are by far the best… I saw some comments from some people about what they would like to see in the game. game after Siena’s career about: buffs, nerfs, gameplay changes, new content, among others, and I would like to give some opinions on things I would like to see in Vermintide 2, a point of view from an end consumer who I really like this genre of games.

:rat:1) changes in the lobby:

*Move around the lobby with the camera in third person (good for being able to see the animations and new skins/ and who knows, maybe launch a third person event in the future taking advantage of this)

*Maybe changing the looby map and making it more compact (I don’t think it’s that important, but it would give the game a new look)

*Add new training bots with new armor. (could be the same model but with different armor, like chaos warrior)

:rat:2) improvements to the game’s Farm:

  • collecting all Books on each map gives a helmet/clothes skin item. (Only once, example: completed the mission into the nest in the cataclysm with all the books, at the end you get a bardin’s helmet exclusive to that mission) (put this in all missions in the game)

  • Add weekly mission of this type: “get all books in tower of perfidy earns 50 shillings”

  • Purchase of goods with shillings

  • Add an exclusive clothing skin when completing all missions in the game, example: helmgart, back to ubersreik, shadows of… (no weave/ chaos wastes/ and the way to defend the statue that I forgot the name of)
    Remembering that there is only 1 skin per character, it ended with Kruber, you only get Kruber’s skin.
    Or the reward can also be receiving 4 helmets at once (1 for each career example: whc, BH, zealot, wp)

  • For new players, any way to buy XP buff with shillings perhaps?

:rat:3) skins:

*Add shared helmet between the 4 careers, for each character who plays 100 games in the weave. (Example: I win 100 Kerilian servant games, I get a helmet that I can use in all 4 careers.)

:rat:4) Build Items:

*Add darktide attributes to vermintide, such as:
Up to +5-20% Power based on the charge time of your heavy attacks. Stacks 3 times” on some melee weapons,"
Full Bore:
+14-20% Power for 5s when every bullet in a shot hits the same enemy." For shotguns.
“Blaze Away
+8% Power for every 10% of magazine spent during continuous fire. Stacks 5 times.” For flamethrower.
“Taunt on stagger
Staggering enemies will make them prioritize you as a target over other players.” For shields.
Among other interesting perks compatible with vermintide.

*Add skins to accessories (and also be able to change skins) (and perhaps also add exclusive passives to each accessory after being released on a map… For example: automatically recover from a ledge, shields now block projectiles for allies …)

  • Balancing of some long-range and melee weapons: I will comment on this in career balancing.

  • Put new special attacks on weapons you don’t have. Example: victor cutlass add counterattack special equal to catachan sword Mk IV “demon’s claw” darktide.
    Or some special ammo for Bardin’s Grudge-Raker. (I comment better on the careers and classes topic)

:rat:5) new contents:

*New skin packs.

*New weapons packs

  • New maps with new interactions

  • New factions (undead, Orks…)

*New enemies for existing factions: elites, specials and bosses. (Beast of nurgle, tuskgors, skabbik’s plague pack…)

  • Launching the fifth 5th career for all characters, this always leaves the game with a new look.
    The possibilities are several and perhaps even adapting the lore to some interesting careers such as: Victor Saltzpyre, a reverse-engineered global alchemist, all of his Skaven knowledge entering a likely heretical path of learning.
    Bardin somehow transforms or approaches into a runesmith or even a chaos dwarf.
    There are several other interesting careers for everyone…
    Idea New career victor saltzpyre

*Chaos desert changes: New perks.
when you reach the end of the event, you can start from the beginning with the same perks but with twice as many enemies with increased life and damage.
Add a new rarity of weapon in the “purple” chaos desert, where any character can take any weapon of their class, example: Troll torpedo Slayer or flamethrower necromancer…
•add a new weapons store, similar to the talent store (strife, fortune…)

• Add to the normal game mode the possibility of adding event modes, similar to modifiers, and improving the quality of the chests according to the difficulty.

• add a battle pass to the game, containing limited skin items for: clothing, helmet, weapons… also coming with shillings, chests and emotes.
(it could even come with a fifth row)

• and one question: with these additions wouldn’t the game make more money if it were free on all platforms? I believe that even with the battle pass there could come an XP buff for new players (who are generally not interested in skins), they would like to get the battle pass because of the chests and xp buffs.

:rat: 6) rework, buff/nerf in classes.
Here I’m going to talk about what I think would be more interesting in terms of both fun and balance, because there’s no point in balancing and being boring, or being fun and unbalanced…
So all the ideas for changes that I will propose are based on weaves and cataclysm+.
I played weave a lot and realized that as the difficulty increases, some characters become unnecessary in any composition, such as the slayer, and others become much stronger, such as the knight and the battle mage.
And rework ideas are not always focused on balancing, but to increase the variety of builds or make some talent more attractive.

Victor Saltzpyre:

Bardin Goreksson:

Markus kruber/ Kerilian/ Siena Fuegonasus:

:point_right:Post patch:

:small_red_triangle_down::mouse:Just remembering that these topics are just some of the ideas of a person who likes to play the game.

sorry for the translation errors

Cosmetics should never have influence on the gameplay (No Meta cosmetics)

Add darktide attributes to vermintide

That would necessitate way to much work and change the balance in a way more unpredictable way, better to keep them separate.

While it would be nice it’s not something I think will and need to happen, the weapons are fine as they are.

New weapon packs would be good, though I wouldn’t say that 3 will happen.

As for enemies, they’ve already said that with how the game is on the local files it wouldn’t work without vastly increasing the size of the game (Which is already high for such a game).


Honestly just maps, balance/rework patches, more/rework of weapon traits (be it inspired from CW or DT) and possibly a few more weapons is fine for me.

I would love for them to add a few more maps to Chaos wastes as well. Maybe rework the map to add a few extra optional challenge mini maps/arenas for coins/boons/wep upgrades rewards or something similar.

The skins, I highly doubt they’ll ever add any for in-game achievements. But I honestly get it, something has to pay the content. Maybe they could still do something with the ones that just lie in the files unused?

I wouldn’t mind more weapons with special ability, but I don’t think it’s much needed. Perhaps a few weapons that seem otherwise bland could use it, like greatsword?

Please keep the darktide weapon stat randomization away from this game (and any future game).

Edit: Also just noticed the battle pass in the new content wish list. Please no. It’s not even content imho, just artificial engagement filler and a chore.


It certainly wouldn’t be interesting to bring ALL of Darktide’s attributes to Vermintide, but the specific ones I mentioned, what do you think of them? the one with the shield that causes provocation when stunning, I thought it was sensational, especially if it was a talent or attribute exclusive to the bardin. (iron break)

and I didn’t say that skins should have an advantage, it was probably a translation error, my general idea is to have more unlockable skins on purchased content maps.

I also don’t really like the battle pass, but I believe it would be something to keep players in the game, as I myself have stopped playing about 5 times because of the absurd delay in content, and many forget that on the console sometimes the content It takes longer to arrive, and we don’t have MODS to test a lot of things, so the game ends up being monotonous and with nothing to do. I really like playing on the console when new careers arrive, it adds life to the game and skins are also cool, but as main victor I was very disappointed with the wp missions, they only have shillings and a plastic frame.

And interestingly, all the people who don’t have skins that I asked why they don’t buy them, they all said it’s because the game is in first person and they don’t see… well, one way to get around that would be for the lobby to be able to stay in third person and more missions with interactions in which we see the characters in third person with the anthel yenlui / the pit

:nurgle: :mouse2: :skaven:

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As long as it sticks to more melee focus, and then Darktide can keep the Range focus, I’ll be happy. Staying as a group and moving around together is when this game feels best for me and my group. When people are able to just play solo or spam AoE and take it to the most silly extent, like Zealot or old BW, it’s kinda boring.

In V2 me and my friends loved the difficulty increase, but once you improve, some of the Career Skills and other things feel a bit too strong IN GENERAL. Would be nice to see a tuning while keeping things unique.

The absolute NEED for stuns in this game is one of the biggest problems rn. Disablers being able to Noclip causes this, as well as hyper density with Elites stacking.

They’re already great at maps, world building, characters, music and writing. I’d like to see something more than the letters and voicelines. A comic or possibly even a series on top of letters could be awesome.

It could be interesting to add character creation, and then have the U5 playable too. Probably a lot of work though. Problem is how aesthetically locked in you get when you only use those 5 characters. On Darktide they can literally make any class.

As for factions, it would be cool if they mixed things up, but there’s even Nurgle and Skaven things they haven’t explored fully, and reworking Beastmen is still a big option. Happy to see anyhing though.

I’d actually like them to get more creative with the Boss aesthetics. There’s so many cool things they make, but reusing the same Lords and Wizards gets kind of stale. More unique ones could be good. And alternate enemy skins.

One big actual criticism I have for FS is the delivery of Darktide not making much sense, in terms of RNG map choices and gearing, when people have been spamming this forum since V2 came out about more choice in unmodded. So hopefully they take that into account. Not everything needs to be a game mechanic, sometimes it’s ok to just have options.

Also an Athanor-like progression for stats and then a longer progression for other things.

I will add that on V1, the Trinkets was a little more unique, I’d like to see similar itemization to what we have now with some of the useless stats removed, but then the Trinkets with unique icons etc V1 style. It definitely adds flavour and immersion, rather than just flat stats on every item.

Making those have difficult challenges to unlock, but really unique stats, affixes downsides, or even abilities would be awesome. Imagine Fortunes of War, but you get a specific Trinket after it. Just don’t make them too RNG, like archers killing a Minotaur under the wotsit tree, or breaking out 2 people from disablers with SoTT Career Skill.

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Great Ideas/Suggestions.

For me, more maps and maybe prestige system for borders.

(The Dream) Allow me to give the voice actors money so you can continue to add dialogue/story/narrative.

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