What does Vermintide 2 need to most?

I kinda want to see what people think need to be included into Vermintide 2
You have 3 choice

I left a few choice out of the poll because we usually have them with the DLC/Update
(Ie, New Map, New Weapon…)

  • Demon Faction
  • Chaos Dwarf
  • New Faction (1)
  • New Special (2)
  • New Enemy (Mob/Elite)
  • New Monster (Random Encounter)
  • New Enemy Mechanic (3)
  • Other (4)

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(1) Either a new Race (Like the Tomb King) or a new cult/group (Like Cultist of the diff. CG like the Carnival of Nurgle)
(2) New Special like the Gutter Runner or the Standard Bearer (Maybe put in the comment some Special type that are currently missing
(3) By new Enemy Class/mechanic, I mean new type of enemy (eg: Enemy that appear like Boss but are not Monster [Like Lord but appear randomly like Monster)
(4) Please explain in the comment

Basic systems reworks that have been “on the schedule” for months and months if not years, deeds + crafting system + stuff


This 100%. I’d also add bots to that list.


I’d also add bots to that list.

+100500 Bots for the first place and above all.
Fixing, improvement for bots and solo play. Personally, I need bot control functions.

And of course, changing Weaves for soloplaying.


Do remind me, which ones? We already got crafting…not perfected but rather improved and other than that i cant say i know exactly what was scheduled.

Did they ever say anything about deeds? Or other stuff aside from basics like keeping things from glitching.

We need Kerillian hoods that match her armors.

We need to help Saltzpyre move out of the keep’s dungeon, and to make him stop peeking at Kerillian at night or he might lose his other eye.

We need to procure decent food for the dwarf so he stops eating painting brushes, his language is already sufficiently colorful even if in dwarfish.

Sienna needs to be told that she wont have a room if her current one catches more fire or the keep itself will be toast.

I´d say Kruber needs more education but the current him is basically the most powerful imperial soldier i´ve ever heard about so maybe he ought to teach the rest of them instead.

Other than those it might be fun to fight either vampirates or alternatively a demon faction if done well but it´s hard to justify this because Demons are too stronk.

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The systems still need some tweaking - WTF to do with 3k blue dust? Scrap?

I’d actually like some fairly plain requests;
Hats that match armour, t
ons of Kool Weapon skins/Lore friendly weapon skins in the Emporium,
New maps or Karak Azgaraz revisited.
Handgun to penetrate more enemies.
Bardin Songbook.
Some indication on screen when someone is talking over VOIP.
Choose-your-own-mutators mode instead of deeds.
Sexy underwear skin for Sienna

In seriousness and outside of new releases of DLC - BBB2.5 to tweak Huntsman, Zealot and possibly BW a touch and a rework of traits to make more options worthwhile.


At one point in the past they promised an Athanor style rework for crafting. Now while the reroll improvements they’ve made help a lot, as someone who really enjoys experimenting with different builds, aforementioned rework still looks very appealing to me. After 1000 hours I’d really like to just be able to swap up my properties and traits very quickly without setting up a heap of duplicates or spamming the reroll button.

Yes. They very much did promise a deed rework many moons ago. The fact that you still have to use an exploit to play Deeds on Cata difficulty is a very bad joke by this point if I’m being honest. As is their general scarcity.


Well Bots are a little problematic from time to time, but I wouldn’t give it the highest priority, after all V2 is a CoOp game and meant to be played with others and not solo.

Other than that I would agree with the everything:

  • crafting
  • deeds
  • skins/hats (matching colors, actual different armor sets)
  • keep decorations
  • new enemy types for skaven/chaos + bigger beastmen roster/overhaul
  • personally I see us running into problems with the item limitation (but that’s like bots a more personal problem, for just a few players)
  • new maps and a continuing story for the U5 would be great (not another imaginative side step)
  • weave seasons with actual rewards, new elements (honestly season 3 was already pretty repetetiv, because it’s just a mix of maps and enemy spawns, reward frame was the sloppiest recolor of all time)
  • etc.


according to Fatshark_Hedge’s answer in this thread:

it might take… “a little longer”

On the topic of Keep decorations:

Does anyone still remember #KeeptheKeep?
Just a blast from the past while we still have the Geheimnisnacht Keep decoration going on :stuck_out_tongue:

I chose Other as I would like to see more Skaven enemies (mob/elites) and more specials from the Chaos faction.

Right now, there are more Chaos enemies than Skaven but the Skaven have dominated the specials unit.

Other than that, I would like bot behaviors to be improved and fixed towards fighting enemies that weren’t present in V1. They seem to have the same behaviors from the original where there were only Skaven enemies.

And for each career to have more unique talents and passives instead of them being rehashed and reused across all heroes/careers.


New enemies.
Give me anything.

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Honestly there are multiple things that should be addressed, but for me, what we need the most is better transparency across the board. I feel many negative attitudes towards FS can be cleared up quickly if they just addressed the concerns in an open manner. FS Hedge does an amazing job being active in the community, but he’s probably bound to whatever parameters FS has set on him.


Fatshark already tried that in 2018 with the roadmap and weekly streams.

Guess what happened?

Negative feedback.

Unfortunately, no matter what they decide to share or do, it’s never enough for some people.

Yeah, I remember.
Its unfortunate they essentially got yelled into silence.
Maybe after two years, new players to the game and community, it might have a warm reception if it comes back.
I’d like to think so.

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Vermintide is not just “CoOp”, but a game about Warhammer in the first place. There are many Warhammer games today, but there are not many so exciting, addictive and interesting. I’m not going to deny myself such pleasure because of this “CoOp”. Also “CoOp” may not be aceptable for many reasons, at least because of the quality of the connection, don’t you think?

Moreover, enough already done for “CoOp” - for example, Weaves. Вut no one plays them. Insead, I want to play Weaves, but solo only.

Most importantly, soon you will not be able to find many players. Darktide is coming.

At least bots should be fixed and / or sanction mods to bots improvement as soon as possible, before game will be abandoned.

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Darktide might actually bring more people to V2…

There are a lot of 40k fans who have never played V2 and if they buy and enjoy Darktide, they could potentially crossover to V2.

At least, that’s what I’m hoping that Darktide could bring in a whole new audience.

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Well I’ve seen ppl doing Weave 160 (and many others) solo, it’s not like the game prohibits you to play solo (esp. Weaves, since there are no bots in ranked weaves and you can get a “real” solo experience). For the rest, well, I think bots are tough to balance honestly, cause like I said, the game is made for 4 “real” players. Sure you can make bots super strong and smart, but that would cause a, lets say, bad foundation for the intended multiplayer experience bc. every real player would be considered bad.

I can understand the problems ppl have with bots, they surely have some flaws, but I think they are still ok’ish for up until Legend, even on Cata they can do pretty good, that’s why I just said, there might be other things to be prioritized imo. After all, and I think that’s were we just have a different opinion about the game, the game IS all about CoOp for me, it simply is designed and balanced to play it with 3 other characters on the map in real time.

Well, that sucks, but I guess that’s the circle of life.

Anyways, I don’t even wanna argue about that, you’re right about that bots need some love after all, even if i can’t share your intent, even if I think that you can’t find a sweet spot for bots that pleases everyone.

I’d like to see everything. But perhaps most I’d like to see the Beastmen expanded.


QoL stuff. You know, to make the game less of a pain the butt to play.

To add a little onto this. TL;DR → There is none. Read.

  • An Athanor-like crafting system where the player can switch properties/traits at a whim whilst having multiple copies of the same item.

  • Completing any 5 of a wind of magick could allow that particular wind’s colour to be placed on any glowing illusion. I am just cherry picking at this point. Why there isn’t a colour wheel for sale in the Emporium is a wonder.

  • More challenges → I am part of a steam group chat that is pinged basically everyday about people wanting to do different challenges. Also, steam achievements. V1 has 100+ and V2 doesn’t even 30. What happened? On other note, why are there NO challenges for twitch mode?

  • Special Spawns → Packmasters and assassins are notorious for spawning very close to the player. Put some sort of exclusion zone around the player. This would be nice to have for twitch as well because the game likes to put the bosses right behind you after the vote timer has run out. Turns the Endtimes into Un-fun times.

  • Separate Audio Sliders in the Options menu for:

    • Specials → Packmasters especially, holy hell! I cannot tell whether it is right above me, farther ahead but one floor above or below. How many are there? One or three? Sounds the same. Is it coming from the front or the back? Sounds the same. Is there one at the front as well as one at the back? Is it right in front of the player, or does it have to another 15 meters before it yanks the player into the horde? IT. ALL. SOUNDS. FAR TOO SIMILAR and the player can only tell how screwed they are when the hook is already around their necks. Hookrat sound queues are as directionally challenged as an assassin zig-zagging around.
    • Patrols → A patrol can just walk around the corner and gave the player the night of their lives simply because they, and their teammates, haven’t heard anything(even though they are hardly quiet) simply because they were fighting a horde. I don’t know if this is intentional or not.
    • Horde
    • Environment
    • Voice Lines → Perhaps split this into 2 different ones, one for combat and one for when you are in the keep. It is unbelievable mind you, the moment somebody shows up in the keep, everyone of the U5 turns into a blabber mouth. It was fine for the first one thousand hours, not so much for the next two. So now, I actively keep my inventory open at all times whilst in the keep as that filters out all voice lines except for the ones with Cathrinne.
    • Footsteps → So that I maybe given the chance to hear literally 100 guys sneaking up on me. Or perhaps that 4 tonne cow learnt how to sneak?
    • The Backstab Sound → Still most consistent as off-host at 150+ ping. Below this threshold, or god-forbid the player in question is unfortunate enough to be hosting, you will sometimes experience this sound queue starting to play halfway through an enemy’s attack animation or most bizarrely, after the hit has already landed. Also, I am still getting backstab sounds when there are no enemies behind me.
  • Either damage reduction or damage cap for Lords and bosses. → This would still keep the heavy-hitters relevant but would allow poor Skarrik/Bodvar to live for longer than 7 seconds.

  • Gor running attack animation. → Arguably the most obnoxious attack in the entire game. You see it coming, it swings the blade into thin air and finishes the animation. Then you get hit. Kiting a boss + a few gors is an actual nightmare as melee retaliation almost always ends with the player getting smacked for 60 by a running attack that looked it missed them. 'Nuff said.

  • Increased beastmen roster. → Their lack of berserker, elite and specials units makes them underwhelming to play against in the official realm.

  • Make patrols an actual threat. → Chaos is fine. I think. The rest are a joke. Beastmen pats are led by a SINGLE Wargor. It’s an easy headshot, hence, the only advantage the beastmen have evaporates before it can even be made use of. Put in another one. Just at the back(Good luck getting to the banner at the back when it is surrounded by archers and you don’t have a bomb or a shield). Maybe a third in the middle for Cata? Skaven have the Packmasters. Have it lead and give it the same treatment as the Beastmen patrol. Some variety would be nice so occasionally switching out the hookrat at the back for two gunners would make people think before aggroing one of these.

I am not omniscient so please add to this.

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