Vermintide 2 futur

i post this in feedback cause they are no real topic for this kind of post.

It’s just a post to question fatshark member about the futur.

What are you looking for ?
upgrade chaos wastes ?
make new maps ?
working on a futur dlc ?

I think, the best thing to do now with chaos wastes, is to work on content they can add to it !
Like new enemis ! New monters (dragons, orc champions,…) and new factions (green skin, goblin, undead, deamons)

that can be great !

Cause if they work on new modes, they just gonna split even more the player base… we don’t need a new game mode !
we need more RANDOM content, like new path on already existant maps, new maps, new enemis, new special, new elites, new weapons, new carrear and new reward ! (they can also add new talent on chaos wastes ! example: every time you kill a boss, that create an explosion around his corps to destroy little enemis!)

Thanks for reading ! And sorry for my english !

I think these are cool but not practical. There are tons of balance concerns just around beastmen, not to mention the low cardinality on damage vs, resistance vs properties. Adding a bunch of new hostiles I think would be a big mistake when the existing game balance is in a dubious state.

Definitely agree. I hope fatshark is keeping this in mind. It can already be tricky to find match ups on less used game modes during certain times of day.

There’s a lot packed in here. I don’t really think new paths in existing maps is really all that interesting to me. It would probably feel new for all of five minutes before I get used to it again. Low payoff for potentially high effort.

New maps are always fun.

New specials / elites: could be interesting but I’m not really sure it would benefit the experience enough. The current roster seems really good from a variety perspective. I have 400 hours in this game and have never been bored by the mix of enemies.

New weapons: they ARE doing this rather regularly with DLCs. There have been balance issues, of course, and I would much rather see a balance pass to ensure all weapons are viable for play before we see too many more new ones.

New careers: they are also actively doing this and releasing these.

Glad to see another person excited about the game. Hope you’ll continue to enjoy it regardless of the prioritization, eventuality, or timeline of your suggested changes.

Thanks for your answer.

i gonna add some idea and rectification :

i think stats are actually weird…
just a fact: do you know packmaster (graber) is a monster ?!
i think they need to modif a lot of things…
Maybe change actuals:
-power vs chaos
-power vs skaven
-power vs infantry
-power vs monsters
-power vs berserker

to something like:
-power vs elites (berserker counts as elites)
-power vs foes
-power vs specials
-power vs boss

And add some stats:
(for melee)
-cleave power
-stagger power

(for range)
-reload time
-max ammo
-attack speed

And some trait can be nice:
-When you push a enemis you gain +x% cleave power.

-When you stagger you gain +x% attack speed.

That’s just some idea and can be great if they want to add more enemis factions in game (a stats page can be nice…)

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