Will future DLC

Will future DLC maps contain new enemies, bosses, mechanics, etc?

Hope we can fight with new characters like : Sister of Sigmar

or Bretonnian paladin :

And see, some of those bastards :

Id love to see a warrior priest in the game.

I really like how people were whining about new classes for few years, and when Fat Shark gives 10(ten!) new сareers, people start to whine about having more immediately.


I would LOVE to see some more characters from the Warhammer Fantasy universe, and by far the Sigmarite Sister is on the top 3 wanted ones. To hear a Bretonnian Paladin arguing with Kerillian about their homeland would be pretty fun too (If someone would be able to put her in her place, it’s would be be a Bretonnian Knight for sure ).

@SolarReaper : The Warrior Priest is kind of there already, with the Viktor Saltzpyre Zealot Specialisation

@Woobeone : Not mentionning the fact i feel like hearing Kerillian when i read you, i’m a Vermintide fan since first opus (and this Vermintide 2 is SO freaking good) but no : i don’t feel like i’m playing new classes at all. There is still five classes along with some specialisations, allowing you to fit your playstyle, that’s all. No IronBreaker fighting side-by-side with a Slayer it’s just Bardin Goreksson : D

So yes, new CHARACTERS (with 3 spec’ each) would be awesome in the future .

And also : fighting the chaos is pretty enjoyable, but even if i love this title, and feel like it’s the Vermintide 2 i wanted so far, i also feel like there is not enought new ennemies. To be correct, there is enought new ennemies in the game, but also a lot of space for potential new adds in the future, for us to enjoy Vermintide 2 during a long time ! So, don’t be fooled FatShark, we don’t want a new DLC tomorrow bringing some maps fulfilled by filthy Vampire Minions, but think about it in the future ! I’am pretty sure you thought about it yet anyway. (But if you realease a Bretonnian Character, speaking english with a mighty french accent, i wouldn’t be upset at all 8D)

I feel like Zealot and WP are quite different. Zealot might be bald and religious but thats pretty much it as far as similarities go IMO. Id be just as happy with a Sister of Sigmar joining the team though. A high elf swordmaster / mage would be interesting as well but Im afraid the forums would get a collective aneurysm if Fatshark introduced another elf character.

Hahahaha, a nice High Elf would be pretty good yes ! With Swordmaster spec’ and such.

You are right about War Priest and Zealots. I’m was mostly saying if we follow FatShark’s logic introducing a Priest means introducing 3 specialisations and Zealot could’ve be one. However, it’s doable by far.

I’d be very very surprised to see a new character added to the game in DLC. The amount of work that goes into one (rigging, animations, art assets, voice lines, 3 careers worth of abilities passives and talents, etc) makes me lean away from it and towards content that all players can enjoy.

I wouldn’t mind seeing some high level skins that break “career fantasy” though, Warrior Priest for Saltzpyre for example.

Personal preference but I’d rather see more and better skins for the guys we have now.

I agree its rather unlikely unless theyve decided it would be profitable to make it part of the monetization scheme and already had new characters in the works for a while. Its probably more work to make 1 new character than to make 2-3 new maps but then again there are games on the market who do that regularly (Warframe for example).

I would love a vampire not unlike Genevieve, Lohner even speak of her, and we could potentially get 3 vampire based spec for her/him!

I just find it odd that nowhere in the game do we see human soldiers clash with skaven or chaos troops. Especially given what is shown in the release trailer. Brachsenbrücke, for example, would have been perfect for a little event like that.


I hope there’s new acts and enemies as well. I mean like greenskins and other chaos warbands. I’d love to see khorne warriors dual wielding axes that move faster than the nurgle ones we have now, or tzeentch warriors with body shields, along with the appropriate mobs of chaos god worshipping minions would be so great.

imagine a set of khorne themed maps, bloody battlefields to traverse, or tzeentch themed maps, a mysterious, reality warping tower (think karazhan if you’ve played WoW). or a slaanesh themed set of maps, charging through incense filled opium dens filled with crazed, barely clothed sex addicts that charge you by the dozens. they hit a goldmine with a game like this, we can go anywhere in the end times

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I want new enemies!

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