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Hey, so I haven’t even got the game yet (Hopefully should be able to get it in a week or so) but I’m already thinking of cool ideas that they could add to this game. The only thing I have though about the DLC is that it is likely that Fatshark will do the same thing with the DLC which they did last time, which is that they base every DLC around a specific character. My favourite DLC from the last game was Karak Azgaraz, Bardin’s DLC. Mainly because I love dwarfs but also because of just how cool it was and well designed! An idea I had for this game was that if they do another dwarf DLC in that maybe, aswell as being in another dwarven hold, they could also add Goblins to fight! Even if these are basically just reskinned weak rats I think it would be cool to fight them as well as the rats and chaos warrior. I would also love to hear more of Bardin’s backstory. I love lore and backstory.

So Now I have gave my idea. What about yours?

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I think another Dwarf-themed DLC seems very likely. I think adding more enemy factions seems very possible, too. Greenskins could certainly work as an enemy faction, though I think their specials would have to be very original. It’s also possible that some tribe or other was convinced to fight alongside the Skaven and Northlanders - Skaven have been known to trick Greenskins before!

I really want a DLC centered around the Beastmen, fighting maybe even into Athel Loren. Beastmen are certainly a major possibility for additions to the Pact, and have a lot of options to fill out a roster; Ungors as fodder, Gors as higher-tier commons, Bestigors as elites, Minotaurs as bosses (and they could have their own Chaos Spawn), Bray-Shaman, Razorgors, Harpies, Centigors, Chaos Warhounds as potential specials . . .


I think there needs to not only be more levels but different styles to game play, the Left 4 Dead is fun, but gets tedious after a while.

I’ve tossed around ideas of a run and gun mode where a giant lumbering demon of chaos is chasing the party around like a Glottkinn,

Or an area type game where waves upon waves of Skaven and demons come to kill the party, just thought of this-> could be tied to the new Khorne DLC expected to come out.

Maybe implement an aspect to weapons where they can be afflicted by chaos-> the weapons are stronger but have a negative aspect attached to them( the entire party would be aware when a member would have these kinds of weapons and what it does)-> one thing I thought would be cool is adding a feature where chaos can corrupt party members

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I would love to see Fatshark go down the LF4D2 route and add in the maps from Vermintide 1 (if not for campaign, then for custom games) so that everyone can enjoy all the work they put into making those great maps. I would even be happy w/ the old graphics set (although if they upped them to current VT2 graphics, could sell as a mini expansion… id pay $10-15 for all of the maps w/ VT2 graphics :smiley: )

I would also love to see Daemons and other dark beings besides the chaos ogre! New enemies/missions are always awesome for increasing replayability imo :slight_smile:

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If they are going to add a new enemy faction it will probably be Beastmen since they had herd stones and sacrifice altars in the last game in a few maps including death on the reik. If they add a dlc i would like to see one on the border of brettonia or athel loren.


Vampire count invasion: For some reason nothing feels better in surival games than to bash undeads, ghouls, zombies, skeletons, necromancers, they also always add thatr necessary creppy effect to surival game.


And the barkeep does mention a story about a vampire in the past… Always approve of murdering vampires and their undead minions :smiley:

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I think it would be cool to instead of just vaguely going into characters backstory, like the docs just being set in one of the characters home towns. I’d like the dlcs to be more based around the characters. For example, Bardin asked the team to help him with a hold seeking mission or something. The dlcs in v1 were more like, we need to do something for someone and look! This character knows their way around that place! Lucky us!

Loehner was referring to one of the very few good vampires in lore, Genevieve Dieudonné. Just so yez know. :slight_smile:

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They could even add chaos dwarves. If you thought vermin contraptions where bad…

I hadn’t thought of the vampire counts yet… If they’ll add even more factions (which might be a lot to ask) they should definitely do skeletons and ghouls. I don’t think adding greenskins would work lore-wise.

Just get me a Norsca-focussed DLC. Three maps set in the frozen north.

This is endless possibility game, if fatshark is smart they gonna expand it proper, can make game even greater than WoW… warhammer is best lore in the world…possibilites are endless

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I think this wouldn’t work Out for Lore reasons. Nurgle and his disciples are not too Fond of vampires Since they deny themselfs from rot,death and pestilence. My Lore is not that deep, But i belived Vamp Counts and the EmpIre actually joined forces against the everchosen.

Correct me if i’m wrong.

A playable Vampire would fit better in the Lore than an joined Horde of nurgle marked babarians and kryptghouls. :confused:

Maybe as an standalone enemy faction ? Exklusive too their maps?

Yeti again if i wanted too fight through Zombies and the undead rather than Sklaven. I Player lfd instand of this game

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