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What kind of additional enemies would people like to see? I personally would love to see a Great Unclean One or a Glottkinn

I would also love to see a game mode where we are being chased by an enemy and we have to both run away to avoid being crushed and kill the enemy before it reaches a specific area. There would be some places for stopping to melee and reload obviously, just something to make this game not Left for Dead with rats and demons

I was thinking about the Skaven, and what new enemy units we might get from them. I had these thoughts.

Clan Eshin has only one rep, the infamous Gutter Runner. What else could they contribute?
So I suggest:
Night Runners - a new Elite who, upon seeing the heroes, will attempt to close to melee range with faster melee attacks. They will dodge and roll, being hard to hit at range and in melee. Not obnoxiously so; just enough that they’d actually take some attention, rather than be something you can easily sweep aside.

Other thoughts;
Clan Pestilens got Plague Monks in there, but I think Censer Bearers would be good, too. They’d attack with big swings of their plague censers, but also be able to swing them in a circle while near the heroes to create a damaging aura, forcing you to back off. They would have a lot of health, being so devoted to their cause, making them hard to just shoot down easily.

This even makes me think that it’d be cool to see an alternate patrol of Pestilens Monks and Censer Bearers sometimes, instead of just Stormvermin. You’d hear them chanting as they march.

For the Chaos side, I’d love to see Nurglings. :smiley:

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I would love Nurglings, easy mechanic to add them too! like a chaos warrior dies, bursts open and attacks them, or if the a party member dies the same thing can happen. Seeing other members of humanity as well as dwarfs turned into Vermintides version of Plague Marines or Plague Bearers. I would also be interested in possibly an improved crafting system for weapons to make them more personal.

I would be happy to see more modes of play besides the Left 4 Dead style of play.


How about some form of suicide runner? I could see both the Skaven and Chaos being mad enough to strap some explosives to their bodies and run screaming at our band of heroes! They would need a minimum spawn distance (so as to be fair) and make a specific noise, but the added bonus would be that if they spawn in hordes, and you shoot them, they blow a good majority of the spawned group away with them with a loud, resounding BOOM :smiley:

Maybe make them immune to targeting abilities so they have to be skillshotted/focused to add a challenge to them.


I like this:

This seems fun, but i dont see chaos being represented as much as the Skaven, sure its called Vermintide but Nurgle needs more love. Hes Grandfather Nurgle, Ready to give gifts of plague and pestilence to all who want it( or don’t want it), Maybe swarms of plague flies that inflit poison dmg or enemies tat spread poison dmg and spawn these flies.


Warplock jezzail.

They could function almost like unarmored Warpgunners. You would get a sound queue when youre targeted by one. One shot for large damage and a bit of warp damage leaving a green trail so we could easely see where it came from.
Would penetrate all mobs in its line of fire for high damage.

A bunch noisy clanking, then suddenly through the horde they come charging.

That’s a fun idea. Call it a Plague Burster, looking similar to the fat specials from Left 4 Dead. It’d have a bit more to it, though.

When they burst they knock down nearby enemies (and damage the heroes) but release those fly clouds that would CC the player - not infinitely, but for a few moments, making them vulnerable, but saveable by allies. It could be a nice midde-ground disabler that doesn’t mean an instant ‘game over’ for players left alone, but does put them in a very dangerous situation, since enemies who weren’t knocked over can come attack, and the ones knocked down could get up in time to attack.

My friend want to see Orcs but I’m sure they are saving them for vermintide 3. I would like to see goblins

This is a really great idea :smiley:
Nurglings in any form would be a nice addition, gameplay-wise and lore-wise. They can maybe bind them to crates and chests: Imagine opening a chest or crate and a nurgling or two jumps out from it :joy:

Ah, but there so many choices for Vermintide 3… Greenskins, Vampire Counts, Beastmen… I mean, realistically, they have enough material for at least 5 Vermintides lol

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