Feedback-> Additional Enemy Suggestions, and Misrepresentation of Chaos

I believe there are not enough enemies representing chaos as it stands currently. Maybe Nurglings that pop out of infested enemies or enemies that produce massive swarms of poison inflicting flies.

If Nurgle is supposed to be a force to be feared in Vermintide, why isn’t his gifts appreciated as they should :slight_smile:

Some Enemies people have commented on my previous posts about additional enemies and they seem to be intested in:

A suicide bomber Esq Skaven/chaos creature that can inflict massive dmg, but can also kill or harm friendly enemies in its vicinity

Plague monks or Nurglings

Enemies that spawn Nurglings or Plague flies that can inflict poison dmg to the party, somewhat of a massive living hive , Great Unclean One or Glottkin could be used as a new massive beast to fight instead of the Ogres and Chaos Spawns

People also seem desperately hopeful for Khornes forces, Maybe a arena style mode or map that Demons of Khorne force the party to fight Skaven or demons of Khorne and the parties mission is to survive to save slaves captured by Khornes demons.

Those are already in the game

We need something to spice the game up so its not Left 4 Dead with Rats. And i can see:
-Nurgle forcing people to survive in an area with plague and disease -> a mode where we have to survive and work together to last until the predetermined time while poisoned (along with other afflictions) and fighting enemies

-Khorne forcing you to fight his forces in a arena and rewarding you in the end because you fought in battle

-Tzeentch-making you sneak around and collect secrets from the Skaven and if you are caught forces attack you.

I dont know how to implement Slaanesh in this without things getting murder-orgy,

I belive the forces of chaos could easily add more enemies and game modes for players to work together to win

whoops didn’t notice sorry

Why do we have boring maulers instead of Plague bearers? Why does the Chaos Spawn have no gifts of Nurgle? Why doesn’t the Champion of Nurgle have any gifts?

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Nurgle IS supposed to have a presence, all it seems is hes rotting the land really. We need more chaos, i want the Devs. to see this and give Nurgle and Chaos the respect the deserve.