Give us Varied Chaos

I wish we could get something other than nurgle. Let me see Slanesh or tzeentch.

Nurgle is over done in 40k at this point as are Khorne, other chaos factions need representation and would be much more appreciated.


Slaanesh is kind of risque though, isn’t it? Developers probably don’t bother cause it’s not worth the hassle. Would love to see some Tzeentch and Slaanesh though, they get so underepresented in all Warhammer games and arguably even lore.


Chaosbane, despite a lot of others issues, actually tackles all 4 gods in a wonderful manner I do think. (each “act” being a specific god)


I’m just hoping tyranids and orks show up later.

Agreed on Tzeentch and Slaanesh though, I would love to see more of them.


I just want to add that there are other ways to do Slaanesh than overtly risque or in such direction.

You can do them as a cannibals (gluttony), as a crazy cult of personality to the magos (submission/subservience/servitude) or in many other ways that isn’t likely to come off worse than say a Nurgle cult.


I want to see Corpse Grinder cult and other Necromunda style gang


I’d like to "CHAOS RAPTORS"

Imagine Jump Jets(flying mostly) mutated SM with Scary Shrieks and Claws!!

They can be made for Nurgle too, since they have no real Allegiance to a Chapter. They can be found in all Warbands as far as i know!


One of the lore piece for the Elysian (and other Drop troop regiment) is that they use modified Drop Chute to Jump in the air like the Jump Jet Marine, but that may have been ret conned already

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Or focus entirely on the sound aspect (like noise marines and the like have), perhaps going with the crazed thrillseekers aesthetic - crazy hair, piercings, tattoos and garish colours - for the rank and file cultist fodder, without the more risque elements. I’d love that purely for how unique it’d be and the contrast + irony it’d provide to the more muted colours and darkness of the setting otherwise.


There are Non-Astartes heretic who use Sonic Weapon:


If FS aren’t against including ranged fodder again (like Ungor bowmen) I’d be all for it, and I’d love to be able to use some sonic weapons as the heroes too (be they dropped cultist weapons or otherwise). It’d feel remiss without having the glory that are noise marines with sonic blasters and blastmasters to top it all off though.

It looks like they want the standard enemies to be mostly melee, at least to begin with.

I’m kinda curious as to what specials they’ll include - and if ranged weapons will be limited to specials or not at launch.

oh yeah, definetly noise Marines!!

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Nah I want muh nurgle boys to be full fledged well made faction to fight not some few faction clumps as one thats would be such a lame thing to fight


Well I would gladly see it as:

:nurgle: force with Special unit coming from other Chaos/Chaotic faction

Slaanesh would bring Noise/Sonic Weaponry, while Tzeenth would bring sorcerer and Khorne would bring either Berserker or maybe unit from the Blood Pact (To serve as Rogue Regiment)

There are a lot of option for Special and monster in the Nurglite roster but like with Clan Fester, Cult Admonition could call to other cult (First from Nurgle then from other sub faction) to help and have a more interesting line-up

Sorry if I’m nitpicking here. But I hope we won’t get direct Blood Pact troopers. Some kind of copy would be good but I’d rather this setting was free standing as opposed to tied to the Sabbath Crusade. It could give lore headaches further down the line.

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I think part of the problem with suggesting “varied chaos” is that unlike Nurgle or something like Genestealer Cult, it doesn’t make quite as much sense to have an outbreak-like situation where it’s spreading uncontrollably through the underhive - the other Chaos Gods followers tend to be a bit more conscious of their situation to some extent. Nurgle spreads and gets followers via plague, and Genestealer Cult via hypnosis/hybrids, so they’re both something where it doesn’t really rely on a choice and can just spread regardless.

Tzeentch/Khorne/Slaanesh are more like a gang in that followers don’t just appear but have to be corrupted/convinced. Nurgle and Genestealer Cult are more like a force of nature where it just happens if left alone, because they don’t need to get people to join them directly. A Tzeentch/Khorne/Slaanesh Cult wouldn’t spread uncontrollably through the underhive in the same sort of way, they’d still gain more followers obviously, but not quite in the same sort of “horde that keeps getting bigger” way.

The others aren’t something that fits with the fundamental gameplay idea as well. I really think Genestealer Cult would have been a better choice than Nurgle though.

They are probably doing Nurgle because they can re-use art assets from V2.

I would temper your expectations, they are probably on a serious time crunch with this game since V2 is not exactly printing money for them.

You know on trailer you have already enemies that you will be fighting and there is no reused assets at all. And FS don’t do crunches so don’t expect that game quite early

The next DLC/Expansion will be in the Chaos Waste, so it’s possible we will have Demon force which could be shared between the 2 game


  • Nurglings
  • Plague Ogryns

So they can share this with Darktide, which is fine with me. but atill wanna see al the goodies in Longterm!

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