In dlc can we get chaos troops from a god other than Nurgle please?

I get it, Nurgle is probably the most popular chaos god, and The great Horned Rat the skaven worship is almost the exactly like Nurgle, so it makes sense for them to ally. Nurgle was also very very active during the end times, his worshipers were some of the first to directly assualt the heart of the empire.

But he’s not the only chaos god. How about some Slaaneshi demonettes, or Khornate berserkers. Hell even some Tzeentch sorcerers would be cool. There’s tons of chaos troops to draw from since the end times was an assualt by Chaos Undivided, not just Nurgle.

When we get dlc maps, please consider adding followers of other Chaos Gods as enemies, not just Nurgle. How cool would it be to fight a Bloodthirster as a boss?

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Khorne bloodthirster as a boss !__! I would poo my pants everytime.


Playable chaos DLC with slaneeshi pleasure palace as the hub when?


Theyve talked about adding more units to the game in a recent interview. They were Nurgle related units tho.

what? Khorne is the go to chaos god in practically everything. seeing Nurgle here was a complete shock



Nurgle has been in pretty much every warhammer game i’ve ever played. The only game I know of to feature Khorne is Dawn of War 3.

Mark of Chaos iirc let you choose betwenn khorne and Nurgle. DoW 1 iirc had some Khorne worshippers too

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Been a while since i played DoW 1, so you are probably right. Still, DoW 2 was all about Nurgle, Vermintide 2 so far is all about Nurgle, it just seems like he’s over represented in Warhammer games. Think of all the cool things that could be done with worshippers of the other 3 gods in vermintide 2. Plus it’s getting a little boring with just plague and blight based enemies. Some diversity would be nice.

Well you can’t do Slaneesh as the game would be A/O, Tzneetch isn’t really the direct antagonist kind of god but a background player, so that leaves developers with Khorne or Nurgle for chaos gods.

Not necessarily true. Sigvald the Magnificent was a Slaanesh’s chosen during the end times and nothing about him would make the game A/O. You could definitely do non nude demonettes also. And yea Tzeentch was mostly a background player but you could still include some of his worshippers as he did participate in the end times. A lord of change would be awesome as a boss.

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Imagine the slaneeshi corruption? We’ve got the big pustules, they’d just be giant penis’s lmfao

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We also have to keep in mind that the chaos gods have rivalries with each other and some Gods would be less likely to work with others. For example, I am pretty sure Nurgle hates Tzeench so it would be unlikely for them to fight side by side. We could get Khorne though or maybe even Slaanesh. Although I doubt they would do Slaanesh because… well… Slaanesh…

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While that’s absolutely true, during the end times the assualt was by Chaos Undivided. All 4 gods fought together and mostly set aside their differences so there’s really no reason we couldn’t have enemies from the other gods.


The main “Rivalries” are:

Tzeentch VS Nurgle
Death/change/hope VS Life/Stagnation/decay/despair

Khorne VS Slaanesh
Warrior Pride and “just get it over with” VS Arrogance and the constant craving to satisfy their desires, including torture etc.

With the Minor Rivalries iirc being
Khorne VS Tzeentch
“brave Melee” VS “cowardly Magic”

and maybe

Slaanesh VS Nurgle
(Because Nurgles stuff is just that Ugly and Slaanesh doesn’t like that)


Yes DoW 1 had Khorne Berzerkers and The Bloodthirster, and also Horrors of Tzeentch.

why would the other chaos want to work with the rats?

kind of makes sense with nurgle since the rats are disgusting and well nurgle is disgusting

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I would rather see some of the more horrible Nurgle minions in the game before we have Khornites running around. Some actual demons would be awesome, as well as maybe a Blightking boss that’s good and disgusting (guts hanging out, bloated body, etc).

As cool as it would be to have this, it falls apart just as soon as you put even a modicum of serious thought before that request for the following reasons: 1) The heroes of Ubershriek are NOT demigods and nor are they space marines with relic weapons specifically designed to vanguish demons. (Grey Knights aside ofc that too) 2) Bloodthrister is a greater demon of khrone, even packs of bloodletters here would be pushing it… 3) they haven’t even sorted the current Nurgle enemies. 4) I don’t see how Tzeentchian or Khronite chaos would side with the skaven when they are already aligned with nurgle. Again, chaos is definitely NOT undivided here…

During end times Chaos is Undivided, led by Archaon The Everchosen, that’s the lore. So yes, the gods are most definitely working together, that’s the whole point of chaos undivided, they set aside their grievances to try to destroy the world. Have you read up on the end times? The skaven were mostly attacking Brettonia so Vermentide already deviates a little there.

And it’s not that Nurgle really ever aligned himself with the skaven in the lore, more that Nagash was preventing the skaven from getting the warpstone they needed from the black pyramid since he wanted to harness it’s power to defeat all 4 chaos gods by himself, and if left alone he would have succeeded.

Also Greater demons can be banished by mortals. Sure it requires someone of exceptional power but it has happened so there’s no reason our heroes couldn’t try. I think it would be an awesome boss fight.

a bloodthirster as a boss would make as much sense as a grail knight party member. not even in kruber’s most absurd drunken fantasies could they come close to hurting one.

expanding the roster could be cool though, even if it’s just giving marauders or chaos warriors mutations.

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