I know you Guys have Nurgle Fetish, but please!

Dear Fatshark,

since i remeber somoene with the Exact idea of making a Game like this couple Years back ^^

dont just stay with Nurgle… There are 4 Chaosgods which you can do get a nice variety of Enemies and Lore from.

You Guys seem to Love “Papa Nurgle that much” (well he aint the oldes God but still every one calls him Daddy"

You can do Chaos Spacemarines alone as;
Khorne Berserkers(World Eater)
Slaanesh Noice Marines (Emp Childrens)
Psyker/ Rubric Marines (Thousand Suns)
and Yes, we get Deathguard for sure

Look how Inquisitor Martyr got Khorne Enemies made. It looked really Dope when Bloodletters come at you, Phasing in and out!
Possibilites are there for sure
So, cant wait to Shredd some filth with Bone’ead with RippaGun. And please we need some nice Low Gothic talk, like Orcs!!


While Nurgle was a staple of Vermintide 2 I don’t think it’s just Nurgle to be present. Looking at the unit trends from Vermintide, the Skaven represent every major clan from Warhammer lore (despite that being a pretty unrealistic goal for a minor clan) by deploying Packmasters/Rat-Ogres (Moulder), Globadiers/Ratling-Gunners/Warpfire-Throwers (Skryre), Gutter Runners (Eshin), and Plague-Monks (Pestilens).

I think so long as they keep that form of diversity where each of the gods can be partly represented (or even just 1 or 2 others) I’d be a very happy camper! Also, I don’t really want Khorne’s worshippers and blessed soldiers being considered “fodder”, only ever elites.

The Skaven we see in V2 are Clan Pestilens as far as i know.
There are some Voiceline that harden that Fact that this is Clan Pestilens only.
Skaven do share their Tech, for a Price!
It is not unusual that other Clans have Ratogres or Gutterrunners etc.
Yes, Clan Moulder actually does Provide it, but they sell it to other Clans for sure. But they keep the best stuff for tzhemselves of course.

But Plague Monks, well, im pretty sure that other Rats stay far away from them, if they are not Clan Pestilens. Im pretty Sure they are Exclusive to Pestilens, since they are devout to Nurgle.

Im not sure what u mean yith “Blessed Soldiers”, that could be anything. Maybe you something alog the line like, “Gal Vorbak”, Noice Marines"?!

Khorne Worshippers, are Fodder of course. Depends which one you mean. If i hear Worshippers it can be a lot of things. Cultists are Fodder for the Elites of course, doenst mean they cant be dangerous though.
Bloodletters are Fodder awell, if you can say so. There are infinte Lesser Demons in the Warp i reckon.

Its good we have Vortex Grenades for that Chaos Scum!

They are actually Clan Fester, which is a minor clan but since they are submissive to clan pestilence thats how they have plague monks and why they work with the forces of Nurgle.

Clan Fester used to be it’s own thing back in Vermintide 1, when they only had only regular skaven units, but got skaven from other clans.


This is correct. Lore-wise, Vermintide is entirely us fighting 1 minor clan, Clan Fester, who has made purchases to support their “grand plan.” Then, in Vermintide 2, they received massive military support from all of the major clans, which is why we see Plague Monks (which you are right, they are largely exclusive to clan Pestilens but it’s not unheard of to see them come from other clans), Stormfiends, and Warpfire Throwers.

Needless to say, you’re trying to point out a lore justification for seeing all of these forces in Vermintide, which we’ve gone over a bit. I mean to say that if they keep that diversity by pulling in troops from many different sub-factions of one major faction (Chaos for Darktide), they will get everything you’re hoping for.

Creatures blessed by the Chaos gods are inordinately powerful. Creatures blessed by Khorne (Khorne has given them power) will be durable, stupendously strong, and extremely violent. I don’t want to see a Chaos Space Marine as my basic fodder is what I’m saying; cultists (creatures who follow Chaos but are not empowered by it) are fine, though even then there’s hardly a difference in seeing Khorne cultists or Nurgle cultists. They’re all pretty much the same other than looking a little different.


I’m certain there’s gonna be variation. If not at first, they’ll more than likely add the other chaos forces in a DLC, expansion or a sequel.

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okay, yedah dammit Clan Fester it was. I knew something was going on with Pestilens.
Thnx a lot

And no, by all means didnt i wnat to have Chaos Marines as Fodders. Cultist, Zombies, yeah sure.
I mean, a Reiklander fighting a Chaos Warrior, okay possible…

IMP fighting Chaos Marine, even Undivided, by the Emprah…
Thats why i asked before, if he means somethig along the Line like “Gal Vorbak”, since in my oopinion it is probably the best example for a Chaos- SM, or maybe even Deathguard Plague Marines.

Best Choice would be Chaos Undivided, there you can bring all the “blessed” Variations under one Umbrella


agreed give us the varied cults

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