No daemons in Chaos Wastes? C'mon, Fatshark

It’s the chaos wastes and you guys aren’t even bothering to give us daemons to fght?


oh look another one of these


If people rage about it enough, maybe Khorne will force his way into the DLC.


Vermintide doesn’t need new Faction, i they introduce new enemies they should introduce them for the current roster (ie:Skaven, Rotblood/Chaos Marauder/Beastmen), that way there aren’t new horde unit to make and they can concentrate on Special/Elite/Monster/Lord

Though they have said they hav’nt planed to introduce new unit just yet (I think it was Lev that said that, don’t quote me pls)


I think a surprise is in the making.

I like surprises.


Today ? Wasn’t it a few week ago (Where they said they wanted to do Orks sometime in the future but they weren’t ready for it yet)

Today, I mean miniatures and tabletop, of course. Apologies @Arthadaw you’ve obviously thought about Darktide. I did not want to mislead, I was just a little happy.

Oh you mean the weird Squig thing, I was focused on the Skitarii Marechal so I didn’t even look at them

Yes, in the last video - most of the rock art could be orks new units. Not only squigs. Well, I also liked the presentation of the material itself, it’s so cute.

Apology for the offtopic.

If Vermintide doesn’t need a new enemy faction, then there was never a reason for them to make a chaos wastes DLC.
Think about it. The northern and southern poles of the world. The chaos wastes, the lands where the portals to the chaos realm sits… here there be daemons.
The chaos energies surrounding these lands are so immense, the very land itself is alive with daemonic corruption. Rocks that bite at you, the ground opens up to swallow you whole, the air tries to choke you to death and random combustion happens at any place, any time.
Plants and animals, all perverted by the enigmatic energies of chaos, have become so alien that they would fit in a lovecraftian tale…
No soul wanders into the chaos wastes without becoming bitten by the corruption, no living soul escapes untouched by it. No humans, nor skaven, would live there untouched, un-perverted by the warping storms.

You’d find nothing but chaos spawns and daemons in these wastes- and they tell us that we’ll face only skaven, rotblod and beastmen, but no daemons? When the place would literally be littered by them?
Yes, I am deeply disappointed, can you blame me?


Not gonna lie, I wasn’t really waiting for another new faction when they announced a new dlc. It’s just something the guy wanted, and it doesn’t mean the game needed it.
Do not misunderstand me, a new faction would have been nice, but by no means mandatory.


While I don’t personally care about whether or not there are daemon enemies (though a boss or two is a different matter), I think it’s a bit silly for anyone to pretend it wasn’t a reasonable expectation for an expansion titled “Chaos Wastes” that’s been in development for this long. Also people have been talking extensively about Daemons since Chaos Wastes was announced. If FS didn’t want this kind of reaction they should have nipped this speculation in the bud a lllooooonnnnggg time ago. This kind of reaction really is on them for doing such a poor job of tempering expectations in a timely fashion.

It’s completely fair that people are upset about this. I do however think it’d be prudent to wait and see what the expansion actually does have before laying into FS too much. There could be some awesome stuff coming that makes up for a lack of daemons. We’ll just have to wait and see.


They obviously did this because of beastmen and how mad everyone got about them. They’ll probably add them later I think.

milkandcookiesTW сonvinced himself that this DLC will include a new faction. He talked about it in his previous video on the matter. FS never promised or even hinted smth like that for CW. It’s nobody’s fault that his assumptions did not come true.

You must be realistic with FS. I don’t expect them to add a whole new faction or even new enemies to the roster. I remember them telling during one of their streams that it took them 6 months to make chaos spawn.


Yeah, but then why make a DLC titled “Chaos Wastes”? It’s like making a DLC called “Drakwald Forest” and including no Beastmen.


That seems pretty disingenuous or just completely missing the point, I’m not sure which TBH.

As has already been pointed out a hundred times, the Chaos Wastes themselves are pretty synonymous with daemons, a point you noticeabley didn’t attempt to counter. It sure as hell wasn’t just Milkandcookies who assumed a Chaos Wastes expansion would necessarily have daemons. They didn’t have to pick the Chaos Wastes as a location/DLC title, but after that massive post about how we should trust them with the lore, they sure as hell should have known what would be expected when they titled an expansion “Chaos Wastes” then made no attempt to temper expectations between the announcement and very close to release.

Again, I don’t really care or have a horse in this race (daemons ain’t gonna make or break this expansion for me by any stretch), but your argument is infuriatingly blind to all context, despite it being pointed out multiple times in this very thread.


Oh my, another milkandcookies video :joy:

“Ah yes, we should totally make a Naggaroth DLC with no dark elves! This totally won’t backfire!”

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Chaos wastes is at the frontier. Limit of the northland states. So we kinda already have thoses chaos warriors from the north here. It’s probably the most common enemies there.

It’s not a door that you open and you face daemons right behind.

I see something like the convocation of decay finale, slowly merging into realms of insanity.
Fact is we don’t know what the mode entails yet.

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