Chaos Wastes - Free update coming April 20th


Today we are very excited to announce that Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - Chaos Wastes is releasing April 20. Chaos Wastes will be a free update to Vermintide 2 and will take you on a whole new high-stakes adventure.

Explore the unpredictable and dramatic lands of Chaos Wastes in this all-new 1-4 player co-op rogue-lite experience, expanding the Vermintide story in a new game mode.

The unpredictable and dramatic land of the Chaos Wastes are only one week away, and an expedition requires preparations. We have created several guides that might help any hero heading out in search of salvation.

The Pilgrim’s Guide


BOOOOOOOOM! :heartbeat:

In this new mode I really can play solo with my bots or is it Winds of Magic 2.0 ???

Yes. I see “all-new 1-4 player”, but in QuickPlay Weaves I can’t even protect my private games against unwelcome guests.

Sounds a bit like the randomized maps people have asked for. I was never intrigued by Weaves but this sounds like it could be interesting - and can’t beat that price. :slight_smile:

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FAO:Haters - It’s free so STFU.


I’m actually telling my family about this with so much HYPE whether they like it or not.


Yay more potions:

Was the Trollhammer Torpedo the only weapon shown ? I’m not sure but I though I saw Kruber with a Waraxe but it ay have been the 2h Hammer (Saltz get the Duckfoot Pistol)

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Trollhammer Torpepdo! Must be Bardin’s new ranged weapon. Man, this sounds fun.

I guess they are focusing on ranged weapon options - so Sienna may get a new staff . . . the options are pretty much open there. All her previous staves have been loosely based on loreful Aqshy spells. There are plenty more options, and probably some original concepts they could make. Ultimately it’s just limited by what role they perform.

Kruber - I feel like we all expect the grenade launcher that he almost got in VT1. Could be something else, but it’s where I’d put my money.

We know Saltz is getting the Griffonfoot pistol.

Kerillian - she does have a few options. An Asrai Javelin is possible. Or perhaps they’ll give her a magic Averlorn Bow that uses overheat. It’s what Handmaidens use in lore, and the limbs are made of magical fire. She could also get something related to the various types of arrowheads the Asrai use; starfire, swiftshiver, et cetera. I think those are less likely, though.


Also Bardins new hat at 16-24 seconds looks awesome.


Hm, around 1:05 we see Kruber holding something with a long haft and also a shield. The haft appears much longer than his mace and extends back behind his hands. If anything, it looks like a Spear and Shield.


You mean this at 1.08?


Isn’t that his Sword and Shield (Empire, not Bret) ?

look how far the haft goes behind his hand. I don’t think it’s a sword


That is quite obviously not a sword


That’s a better shot than mine. That’s definitely a spear. YES… This might be my Go-To Huntsman weapon now.

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Looks like that is what he’s getting. I gotta be honest, I’m a little disappointed there, because it’s just a new combo of existing weapons. Totally fitting, given what he is. Just not that exciting, and he’s already got pretty good shield weapons. Oh, well, not too big a deal. Still curious what the others will get!

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Troll hammer torpedo hype!

And like always amazing trailer

I think that javelin (Blackbriar Javelin) as well as a magic staff (Deepwood Coven Staff) for elf will be in the Premium Career DLC.
I don’t know and have no idea what kind of new career it is and no one knows. Can’t know, let’s not talk about it.

In this update, I can rather see a glowing bow in one moment of the video trailer, perhaps this is exactly the new weapon for the elf:


Well this being free is a massive surprise and I’m honestly wondering how that is even possible.
At any rate the trailer looks amazing just waiting for those patch notes to drop.

Interesting guesses for weapons there - could be!

I did notice that glowing bow, but it also has projections off the front that make it look like one of the current skins for the Longbow; given that we also see Weave skins on some weapons, I assumed it was just a cosmetically upgraded version of the Longbow.

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Okay. New weapons are not for free

Well, I guess I can wait a bit and buy at a discount on the sale?

On the other hand, the negative experience with OE says that if there are challenges for new weapons, they should be done as quickly as possible.

2 frames later, it’s a pretty standard longbow model with a glowing effect. Wonder if it could be an effect from one of the shrines?
Edit: Had seen the post about the 5 new weapons when I posed. It’s almost certainly her new Moonfire Bow

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