Chaos Waste Release date announced!


release date month

Here’s hoping for a stable release.


The one full year of no new maps event just died. Time to prepare the 13 months one.

Its more fitting anyway.


I really like the teaser. Ominous in a very Vermintide 1 kind of way. :rat:


April? I’m taking extra vacation for! :slight_smile: :hammer_and_pick: :axe:

That map can be the last map. Darktide will be released in next 13 months. Fatshark said they will care about vermintide 2 as well as darktide but i don’t believe it at all. Who would believe that.
I wonder whether we will see 5 new careers or not. Maybe not.


I mean, would be kinda odd if they only did two.


I wonder what’s on Sienna’s head. Should we prepare for new cosmetics or I just don’t recognize the existing one from above.

Also some additional info from comments:

Just to temper expectations, Chaos Wastes will not have new enemies in the fray from day one. Not promising later additions either, but we’d be lying if we said we weren’t exploring the possibilities with ernest.
This won’t include Versus, we’re still working on that one :slight_smile:


How is it that there will be no new enemies coming with Chaos Wastes? What’s the point of doing anything in the Chaos Wastes if no demons? Seems kind of baffling honestly.


My guess is that at least in the initial stages the expansion won’t be as outlandish as the title suggests. Perhaps more like building towards an expedition into the Chaos Wastes, rather than actually going on an expedition into the Chaos Wastes.

Its either going to be released on the first of april or the 30th.

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Well I sure hope so, but how would that look like in terms of development? You buy the expansion, and it gradually gets more and more content via updates to the expansion? Has Fatshark ever updated any of their DLC’s with additional content post-launch?

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I’m going to say this now as much as this pains me to say it I honestly think this is the last DLC for Vermintide 2. Fatshark is so spread thin that they are legitimately unable to support anything but one project and as of this point their main project is Darktide. I honestly think that without a new enemy type this dlc will fail only because the chaos wastes is the closest to demons we can get and I cannot think of a better enemy type. On top of all of this…he didn’t even say “race” or “faction” he said enemy which might mean there isn’t a new boss in this DLC this might flop just as hard as SOB which dropped the ball in terms of everything. I honestly don’t want this to fail because Vermintide 2 has been in limbo for almost a year now and needs a good dlc to keep it alive.


As much as I don’t want to see the expansion fail but I kinda feel the same… It was pretty suspicious to see this very short “teaser”, that doesn’t really show anything and looks like a quick job done at the weekend after last weeks escalation in the Steam comment section, followed by the comment @sleypnyor posted above… could be wrong, but to me it sounds like FS doesn’t have any faith in it… and that’s not a good sign. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Lol. Let’s go to the northern chaos wastes and fight more rats :joy::rofl:

Aight. Sunny day, sunny me. Noticed even Indypride went full angst, but here’s why I remain cautiously optimistic:

  • At least at the level of ideas, the expansion has been on their mind for a very long time. Conversations between Salt & Keri regarding the nature of their dreams and implying directly at what we’ve just witnessed in the twitter teaser have been around since at least early 2019, both in the keep and Convocation of Decay. The SoB Cataclysm banner specifically mentions that Chaos Wastes business. Of course this doesn’t necessarily mean anything regarding execution, but the idea itself has been around for a while. As a note, I really like that teaser. It hits me right in the heart of nostalgia and takes me back to the ancient Blizzard cutscenes from games like Warcraft 2. Not everything needs to be a bombastic blockbuster, and I happen to like obscure, shadowy things. It doesn’t point out to much, but hopefully it will lead to a pleasant surprise.

  • Speculating on the specific choice of words they had for the announcement, stating that the journey begins in April leads me to believe that the content needn’t necessarily be as outlandish as the title might suggest. As another example, in the grand scheme of things the winds of magic play a very small role in the actual gameplay of WoM. Whether the provided content is good or bad is an entirely different discussion, but the point is that we already have an expansion called Winds of Magic with very little winds of magic to it outside of visual fluff.

  • The point above ties into the statement that there will be no new enemies coming with CW. I’m not saying it’s good, but just that it isn’t necessarily a bad thing either. The original Drachenfels DLC of Vermintide 1 featured just the same old rats in a rather exotic location, and yet it remains one of the best and most atmospheric map packs they ever made.

  • At the end of the twitter teaser, the marks of the chaos gods are revealed. They could be included in the gameplay just as mutators affecting the players and/or enemies. We already have mutators like Tzeentchian twins, Nurglerot and Bloodlust (Mark of Khorne). They could potentially figure out more of that and come up with something for Slaanesh. As long as they find a way to fit all these things in a manner that feels believable, I think it will be great.


At least 5 new weapons. More toys for my collection. Already at least something.

For example, here is the WoM - as a solo player I cannot use most of this content. Mostly weapons + 1 map. Weaves are not for solo. I can’t even make the Quickplay Weaves games private so I can’t play with my bots in peace.

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Should be named DLC waste…

Fatshark what a waste you are.

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Could you at least elaborate and pretend to be constructive ?