Chaos Wastes? PC Gamer article

So this looks pretty cool with whole new locations teased. Any chance of some exclusive screenshots for us @Fatshark_Hedge?

Hopefully a new monster/boss type would be fantastic, Chaos Warhounds, Chimera, Jabberlythe, Razorgor. Oh man my brain is exploding with cool stuff!


Just read it, looks great. I am all for new things to look forward to :slight_smile:

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Very interesting news. I don’t know if/how Skaven or even Beastmen presence can be explained up there, but they’ll come up with something.

Beastmen are native there. Skaven is more difficult to explain.


Nothing quite Screenshot ready I’m afraid!


Well the skaven specials already show up everywhere, they’re pactsworn after all. And the Skaven CAN show up everywhere through tunnels, skittergate or not. I’m sure they can make up a reason.

They get flung their by a Fatty Stormer’s Fartnado.

Uhh, smells like WoM in here…

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Let us hope that “paid expansion with a divisive alternate game mode” is a mistake that only happens once.


Well, Sienna did say “deamons are next mark my words” with the introduction of beastmen. :stuck_out_tongue:
Can’t wait to see what Fatshark have in store for us! (the article was interesting to read too)

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Hell Pit, the home of Clan Moulder, is just south of the Chaos Wastes in Troll Country. They have even captured mutants from the Wastes for thier experiments. Maybe this could be stretched to fit the game. Just a thought.


Once again we are at the same point we were with WoM.

The base game still needs a lot of hammering to fix the things that were screwed by WoM - special and backstab sounds, assassins completely haywired, enemy targeting being bonkers, slotting ignored by most enemies, enemies being spawned from thin air in front of your eyes, etc.

Beastmen are still only half a faction.

Then there are the untouched stuff for 2+ years, we all know what those are.

Allegedly 4 new carreers on the production line.

And now a new expansion is revealed, with a less than 6 month release plan. Call me salty, but this was the recipe for the pervious subpar implementation of a expansion…


I’d like to see new enemies, sure. As I know there are lesser demons in the WH lore so I would welcome such lesser demons in the power level of chaos warriors, too, or even better - between CWs and monsters.
Not just new maps with the usual skaven and chaos. There are a lot of such maps already.
And the new maps don’t need to be very huge with 30 mins or more playing time.

ty for pointing this!

Maybe it’ll be the rest of the Beastmen roster? Bray shaman, tuskgors, beast Lords, centigors, harpies, manticore?

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Call me salty aswell, but I think most of this is not gonna get touched - and I’m somehow pretty sure I can say - ever. For the simple reason: there is no money to make here anymore. Most of the problems are present since the launch of V2 2+ years ago. I was kinda surprised they tackled the weapons now, but that also happened only, after the hard work of the modders and the resulting demands of the community. That in mind I think it’s not raising hope for the other problems you listed to be worked on. If you take a look back that’s just how FS works, release new stuff, minor tweaking, go next. They do not revisit projects from the ground up (I bet it’s simply because of the cost/benefit ratio). So I kinda share your concerns. It’s nice to hear that there is actually new stuff to come, but if you think of it:

  • Versus
  • 4 more careers
  • WoM seasons
  • new stuff for LEoW
  • and now Chaos Wastes (called EXPANSION)

Huiuiui, that’s a lot. And I have doubts FS can handle all of this ( also next to really revisting the ‘old’ content which will most likely not gonna happen therefore).

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Wouldn’t that be a slap in the face for everyone who bought WoM because of the Beastmen faction?
Buy 1 Expansion with half the content, get the rest in the next? :sweat_smile:

Call me a fanboy but I’m freakin’ hyped.


I don’t know. It seems Versus is on its way constantly. Seasons seem to work as well, career GK came a lot earlier than we all expected and there is a chance for another career this year (as they increased outsource testing), LEoW is also growing constantly (although we have MID July and there hasnt been a new shipment).
For Chaos Wastes there are not many information. Seems to me that everything is on track albeit slowly. And the community is kept busy with forum PvP.

As for salty people (not you especially). Have you ever considered just moving away from the game and having a happier live? It seems to me a waste of energy and time to complain constantly about something someone doesnt seem to particularly enjoy. There is no benefit in leading a holy crusade against Fatshark.

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Complaints, or valid criticism?
“Complainers” are paying customers too. Every developer should do well to keep an ear on the community, even those with less flowery praise.
Sure, there are toxic complaints, but there are also complaints with valid reason coming from a totally justified place. If Fatshark didn’t listen to “complainers” as you call them, WoM wouldn’t be back on its feet as it is now.

That being said, I’m looking forward to the Chaos Wastes, and what new additions it will bring.
Hopefully it won’t break the game (again) for another 6 months.

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