What do you want for 2022?

What do you want for 2022 ? (exept the new sienna cause we already know she’s for 2022)

i know a lot of people dislike my idea, but i really want this modification on weaves :

And maybe more maps for normal game and chaos wastes.

(sorry for my english)

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Balance pass; Careers, weapons, especially the most egregious cases like SoTT and moonfire. Chaos wastes changes, tweaks and additions. I really think wastes have so much untapped potential if they just were to add some more random mechanics and variations.
They could probably also implement some of the more notorious mods like Ui tweaks.
Finally maps and whatever new content is welcome but for me least of my priorities.


New enemies, but more preferably Skaven Reinforcement and a new class of enemy

Warboss: Lord like boss that appear like the monster (random appearance)


Hmmm i might have forgotten some stuff that i´d want but off the top of my head :

  • Balance pass
  • Talent reworks&replacements (Ricochet.!)
  • Monster overhauls (Extreme difference in careers/weapons that can deal with them and those who dont)
  • CW boon reworks (too feast or famine, especially with grudgemarks in play)


Oh damn , i´d gotten so used to it that i forgot how much i actually dislike that it is a thing.

  • Item space
  • Adventure mode maps/Careers
  • New enemies
  • Bot update or change to the game which makes playing with them less of a chore, or an option to play without them completely on unmodded
  • Hats that match the recolour skins that was put in at the start of the game. Or no hats (like FK has), so you don’t have to worry about it matching
  • Changes to disablers so they’re escapable or don’t catch you through the back of other enemies (one or the other)

Beyond the obvious class and grudgemarks balance needs…

  • Lords rework with more depth, meaning Nurgloth kinds of tactics but more fair
  • Taal’s Horn Keep upgrades we could buy in shillings
  • What @Kitten said
  • More communication from FS, which I think they’ve been doing great this past year with the weekly Chronicles, the Twitter and IG accounts activity, and which they should keep up :kissing_heart:
  • ammo count for beastmen archers
  • deed crafting system

Balance pass for things like mace/sword, forgotten relics range weapons, SoTT. Bring some underperformers up like FK Pyro and Engineer. Actually just copy that tourney balance pass patch for him. Axes/crowbill still need some identity, ironically everything I wanted for the axe is basically present in the very functional Hammer and Tome so they can do it. Repeater pistol is still a meme and Huntsman bow zoom a giant inconvenience for the sake of like 1% of modded players despite being a sniper weapon. At least center the spread before that massive delay if you aren’t going to give us manual zoom which would be the best solution.

Also have Sienna’s next class not totally separate from her normal kit but also good and not breaking the game wide open like this last one minus the first part. I’d mention VS but I think everyone forgot.

Given the day I’ll allow myself a trip through the realm of make-believe when contributing to this topic.

The biggest thing that I’d want is more design cohesion and coherence. Verm1 & 2 remind me a lot of a couple of much older games, Icewind Dale 1 & 2. Or for people who are newer to gaming, Dark Souls 1 & 2. In all cases, the first game is a lot smaller in scale and has a much more focused and cohesive design, while the 2nd is sprawling and throwing so much at the player content-wise that it ends up feeling diluted and lacking direction. On the gameplay side, I think this could be addressed by rounding up the rosters of the already present factions. Skaven are fine the way they are presented, but the Rotbloods could use an extra special or two, which would give them enough variety to make for interesting encounters just by themselves. They have a couple of forgotten sorcerers in the game files. Mentions of them still show up at times as in-game tips or voicelines from Bardin, so maybe something can be done there? It would be very fun to be able to play a Chaos themed map like the War Camp or Skittergate (Norsca side) and see the Rotbloods stand by themselves. The situation with Beastmen is more complicated, as they are first and foremost a faction missing a proper playground (up until Chaos Wastes). Maybe Gors with shields could be added to bring some variety (they are a part of their core roster after all), maybe another variant of Bestigors and an extra special(s) in the form of bray shaman(s) having abilities tied to various lores of magic (wilds, beasts, death, shadows; I imagine there’s plenty to choose from). The Chaos Spawn that can show up as a monster for them could probably use some cosmetic tweaking, to make it distinct from the other variant and apparent as the rampant mutation of a gor instead of a norscan. Functionally it could be exactly the same.

Assuming the lack of units present in some factions is addressed, then there’s the problem of playgrounds. It’s kinda weird to visit Norscan encampments in the Chaos Wastes and find them populated by rats and beastmen, especially since the latter hate any form of civilization, be it one as primitive and warlike as that of the Rotbloods. I wouldn’t mind having some maps hard-coded with specific factions that make sense in the presented environments. Beastmen belong in the wilds and dark places, Skaven have their siege camps and gnaw their way through the underground and into forlorn towers, Rotbloods have their icy bays and so forth.

Lastly, it would be high time to do something with weaves, because it’s a crime to let all that work go to waste. So much effort has been put into their presentation, their visual design, the voicelines and soundtrack and most of it remains inaccessible to the majority of the player base. In my opinion, the timer and leaderboards have to go. They achieved nothing apart from making paid content inaccessible for most players. Just by bringing the mechanics of the maps closer to Vermintide’s core gameplay would likely solve most of the issues and turn it into a mode just as popular as the Campaign or Expeditions. And since beastmen came along with the Winds of Magic, maybe it’s time they properly interact with them when being in the presence of a specific wind. It would make for an interesting and unique gameplay to the mode.

And since we’re here, it would be nice to have an integrated system with which to construct challenging gameplay. I have a lot of shillings gathering dust. I wouldn’t mind spending them on some form of contracts or the likes from Lohner’s Shop that would allow me to play specific maps with all sorts of mutators (deed mutators, weave mutators, event mutators like the skull of Blosphoros etc.)

On the technical side, hopefully there’s a fix for the inventory crisis. I know something is in the works regarding the migration of cosmetics to another storage solution. Hopefully I don’t end up in a situation where I need to start salvaging my collection of red weapons. I would like to see the problems with cosmetics being fixed (mainly mismatching colors), and I would like to dream about being able to change the color of the glowy weapons so as to match the rest of the apparel. This game has always been about style first and foremost. Half the charm of bonking rats is looking the part.

That’s about it on the content side. There’s also the issue of balance, which is a massive undertaking in its own right.


So here’s my top three.

This mod sanctioned

Tuskgor Spear for Foot Knight.

More cosmetics.


lobby option for deeds and ranked weaves, I am really tired of being rejected every time I ask to do deed in a lobby
spank the person on the rump whoever designed back to basics deed modifier
fixes for warrior priest challenges
Mondstill 2021
“truly randomized” map selection for Quick Play, currently I am only getting Drachenfels or DLC maps strictly
bot improvements, they should really be able to shoot specials outside their melee range while not even having horde around them

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Foot Knight should get flail and shield too, he’s so good with it it’s a crime. Since he taught Saltzpyre how to use hammers apparently.

Enough money to propel a cat into orbit.

Forgeworld kits that don’t have so much flash on the moulding.

A shirt designed so I can eat spag bol without the sauce sticking to my clothes.

A way to stop my annoying co-worker chatting absolute sh*t in my ear for six hours straight.

The complete f*cking idiot neighbour who mows their lawn at 9am on sundays every fortnight in the summer to fall into the rotor blades and die screaming.

Moonfire, Javelin, Sott, WS ult to be nerfed so hard that the screaming on Reddit causes a mushroom cloud of tears that can be seen from space and makes the evening news.

Shields to somehow reduce the effect of Shield Shatter. or rename the mark so shields can take the pummeling.

#KeepTheKeep. I’d like to be able to choose to have some decorations around, or earn decorations or statues or something OR move the stuff from the trophy room so it’s at least mounted in the keep somewhere.

[edit] I think I’d like to conduct the royal philharmonic and the youth choir of Britain performing Beethoven’s 9th Finale (Presto - Allegro assai) although I admit this might be a long shot.

  1. Fatshark announce whether there will be any more DLC for Vermintide 2 after the release of Sienna’s career. No details are necessary, just whether we will get more DLC.

  2. New additions to skaven, chaos and beastmen factions to add more variation to the gameplay. Even simple things like chaos warriors and a minotaur with different weapons.

  3. Tweak grudge marks and add other types of spawns to Chests of Trials events, so Chaos Wastes is not all about boss-killing classes.

  4. The second BBB re-balance. Fix glaring issues like the zealot’s dependence on THP and how this is incompatible with waystalker and grail Knight talents.

  5. Heavily nerf moonfire bow, javelin, SotT staff and SotT talents. These all make the game less fun and challenging.

  6. Re-work deeds. Let us just pick any combo of 3 modifiers to play through the lobby browser and delete all deeds to free up inventory space. Let us quicklplay into deeds.

  7. Announce whether there will be further weave seasons. Maybe add single player weaves so that those of us not in premade teams can enjoy the content we paid for.


As a question for everyone that doesn’t know why Huntsman feels like he never got his hair dryed after his last touching: What do your think is this telling you?

A) You fired your first shot and start stacking Keep it coming
B) You are ready to fire your Handgun/Blunder twice without reloading!
C) What? Who plays Huntsman?

  • confirmation if vermintide support is going to be going strong or dying down next year(cuz darktide exists and plans change).

  • everyone has already said it but it bears repeating: balance update. Every time I play with a SoTT I turn my brain off as someone else has taken the wheel, and every time I pick up things like the repeater pistol and 1h axe I ask myself: why am I using this thing when better and more importantly, more fun options exist? A beta of the changes would be highly appreciated.

  • more maps

  • either a new faction or new enemy types for existing factions (I really think beastmen could use some more elites and specials).

  • some change to weaves to make them more acessible(literally never played them even though I bought the dlc because they are so dead.)

  • somehow make chaos wastes less feast or famine because my squad usually fails the first map or gets really far without much in between.

  • trait and properties rework so there are other viable options besides swift slaying(most of the time). Side note: I miss killing blow so much even if it wasn’t the most balanced thing but I think It would help things like hammers out alot. Also, some of the less crazy chaos wastes boons could be used for this.

  • temp hp and stagger talent rework. Some classes Cough BH Cough, are suffering in the thp department due to the imbalance of the talents.

  • deed rework.

  • more cool little details like the spin animation on the BoP’s tertiary fire added recently(a friend also posed the idea that that spin could do something like a guaranteed crit to make it more than just cosmetic flair).

  • maybe a reanimation of some melee weapons like what was recently done for some of the older ranged weapons.(not really all that necessary but neither was the ranged weapon reanimation)

  • add a tertiary fire function to some of the older weapons that are not rapier.(lofty dream but would be awesome).

  • make beastmen tossed around less when hitting them with a high stagger weapon(they tend to get thrown behind me and backstab me when using things like hammers).

  • more weapons. I’m not an elf main but the wardancer’s double sided spear is just too awesome to not appear in this game. It was the main reason I was disappointed with getting SoTT rather than wardancer (if ignoring the broken state SoTT reased in and to some extent still is).

  • bug fixes

  • more sanctioned mods. the adoption of deathwish and onslaught wold be a great gesture as these mods have existed since v1. Not to mention that none of my friends like to play on modded realm.

  • maybe map development tools(I heard that somewhere FS confirmed that this would never happen but I’m still holding onto hope).

  • maybe some suprises!

I decided I would write literally everything I could think of here as I love this game so much but feel like it hasn’t fully realized its potential. I’d be happy if even a few of these things happened next year, but there is literally limitless possibilities with this game.

I wish everyone a merry Christmas, and congratulations to fatshark on a really solid year overall despite some hiccups.


-New maps for Adventure Mode.

-New Enemies for existing factions - maybe a new special or two and some new elites. This way they’d be impactful in that we’d encounter them more and they’d shake up old content. There’s so many untapped units, both well-known and obscure! Plague Monk Censer Bearers, Plague Deacons, Warplock Jezzails, Warlock Engineers, Chaos Warhounds, Flayerkin, Forsaken, Chosen of Nurgle, Chaos Ogres, Nurglings, Plaguebearers, Razorgors, Pestigors, Harpies . . . to name everything I could think of.

-Something like Grudge Marks for Elite enemies on the highest difficulties. A recolored Stormvermin, mutated by Warpstone or something, to have some special abilities. These don’t need to be overbearing, just shake things up.

-The above, in Adventure Mode.

-I know we’ll never get it, but a new character or two.


Another Big Balance Beta which tweaks careers and weapons.

Anything else would be just icing on the cake to me.


I’d love it if oleysa’s post mission conversations were restored, and if beastmen were effectively removed from the remaining “wrong maps” (I say effectively because it’s been attempted before).
No beastmen in Bogenhafen! Or Helmgart.
So removed or tweaked beastmen spawns in:
Empire in flames (tweaked would be fine)
Garden of morr
Horn of Magnus

(I don’t remember if they have been successfully removed from Righteous Stand and Screaming Bell)

I like encountering them occasionally, if it’s done properly. But they are still too prominent/out of place. And it’s not like between weaves and chaos wastes we are going to miss on encounters anyway.

An addition to their rosters would also make fighting them more varied.

Speaking of factions, something to make them more standalone would be appreciated, since we tend to fight the factions one at a time. And the nonstop income of skaven specials can feel off (especially on dark omens)

New story maps!

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New lines are always welcome, and something you Sharks keep providing :heart::heart:

Regarding this I have a few suggestions:

Voice lines of the U5 reacting to sudden beastmen encounters in the wilds would be welcome.

Making ultimate voice lines a low priority so they don’t interrupt dialogues anymore is an absolute must.

I hear there is a ton of unused voice lines for the wastes. Having those ingame would make CW runs feel more real.

I haven’t heard some voice lines (like the “must you keep jumping?” variety) in a while. Are they bugged?

Lastly, combat banter seems to work well, but mission specific banter or the in-mission chats are rare. Is this an issue with pacing and the amount of combat in the game? In Vermintide 1 I loved those chats in the downtime between fights.
If this is why many conversations have been moved to the keep (which is fine) perhaps we could get a way to trigger them more easily. For example you might have the lines trigger (in the absence of a player client) close to the characters rooms, as if a bot was home (without needing to actually add a bot there, which might be complicated)

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A mod does that. Should be sanctioned imo

Play as Okhri DLC
Play as Lohner DLC

I don’t actually want those, they’d demistify the characters - but the idea is fun.

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