Weaves QoL Changes

It’s been almost 2 years since Winds of Magic release and it’s sad seeing Weaves being pretty much dead and left by community and developers. Especially since you’ve put so much work into this. IMHO new game modes are great, having an option for different ways of playing the game is great. U can take a breather from normal gameplay and play something different. Same reason why im excited for Chaos Wastes. But u can’t really play Weaves, Quickplay is dead. The only way to play weaves is to find premade group thats rare anyway. Could we see some changes done to weaves to make it alive again. IMO adding chest rewards would be a great start. Probably easiest and most common reason people don’t try or play weaves is there’s no real reward other than frames. Not everyone cares about frames, not everyone likes the frame we get for weaves. Second thing would be a way to earn weave skins and unlock them for normal play. Those two changes would make it alive. Let me know what you think about weaves, whats the reason u dont play it and what would u like to see being added or changed. I like the gamemode, but can’t really put the time into it if I dont get anything in return.

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