Improve Winds of Magic's content (easy way or hard way)

However you feel about it, this DLC has got very poor reviews. Much has been said about it and much can be learnt from it.
But what I wanna do here is offer my two cents on how to improve on what we have, making everybody happier.

Ofc, first of all, fix the bugs, these are low priority suggestions.

The easy way: make cata and weaves playable if the host has the DLC. This will mitigate the matchmaking problems, and make both people who bough it (because they can play it with all their friends) and those who didn’t happier. (who’ll also get a chance to change their mind).

The hard way: add more story maps to it (1 or 2) for free. This seems to be what players want the most. It’s bound to make dlc owners proud and happy owners, and it will be a great incentive for new buyers, regardless of their feelings towards the new systems. You could make them beastmen maps (or not), you could have them be set after the weave thing, maybe they’ll have to be unlocked after playing through a first set of weaves (40). This will get more people playing and trying the weaves, and maybe more will stay for the challenge. I thought this as I like how you made the weaves fit into the storyline, and maybe the new map(s) can tell us what happens once we have fixed the weave.

This will require some work, I’m not denying it, but maybe some is needed.
Now, if you add some cosmetics unlockable with the new map challenges, I’m sure most players will be satisfied.

I think cata should have been added to base game regardless, but I don’t think it would draw huge amount of new players. Weaves being available to non WoM players, yeah that might actually have some merit. Granted I think its sad that there are so many things that could be done to improve weaves. Which ones would actually fix them is up for debate.

If i were to pick an easy one I would say just remove the reduced essence from weaves already completed. Seriously if the problem is people not playing the weaves, why is the current game play trying to steer the players that have already showed they are playing the weaves away?

Adding maps to the current DLC that one I’m gonna have to disagree on that. The current information we have on map crafting is that it takes like 9 months. So lets just assume they spend the next 9 months with enough staff to make 3 of them. Do you A) tie it to a poorly received piece of DLC that the hardcore fanbase already owns or do you B) release it as a new DLC so that its not tied to the negative WoM reviews and can bring in new revenue, especially if its well received?

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1 map would not be that problematic though. They have done it just out of goodwill - a quiet drink - so I don’t think doing it to improve a poorly received dlc would be a stretch. Improve on so-so content and you get somewhere (F. E. I think it would not take much to get shadows over bogenhafen from mixed to positive).
I don’t know if this is the most lucrative way to go, but shows goodwill, and will hardly displease. As it is the game has a lot of things, features and dlcs which feel or are sort of half done abandoned ideas - and which could be quite easy to fix: FE. Lohner’s smporium, rewards for weeklies, deed rework, weave rework etc. (I for one think a little more dialogues and changing blightreaper final event to a lord fight would greatly improve its perception)

Also, didn’t they say, together with BTU’s release IIRC, that they have massively changed the groundwork for map designs so they are able to do new ones much more quickly?

EDIT: weave rework won’t be an easy fix, but it’s what they are planning anyway, and more: seasons.

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