Did they improve Winds of Magic mechanics?

Winds of Magic dlc sounded exciting to me but it seems to have been met with negative reception.
It is still labeled “mostly negative” on steam store page…

So… is the Winds of Magic dlc any good?
Have they changed and polished it to a better state?

Beastmen are in somewhat decent place right now, new map is quite great, weaves still sucks, new weapons are fun to use.


I was about to copy paste my reply to someone who had made the same thread in the steam forums, then I realized that was you lol

tl;dr: WoM is much better now, will be even better when Season 2 of Weaves drops in January.

Combat bugs have been largely fixed. I still don’t like it compared to 1.6, but it at least doesn’t feel like a beta.

Beastmen are cool, but sometimes they feel a bit too prevalent on the old maps. That’s not a huge issue for me, but it doesn’t feel right. Maybe if they only spawned in more wilderness-y areas it would feel better? Not sure.

My biggest problem with WoM at this point is that the VAST majority of the content is weaves, and those are inaccessible. The essence grind, even after being severely nerfed, is utterly broken. Weaves are basically unplayable without a group, and it’s rarely possible to find anyone at roughly the same stage of weaves as you. The actual wind modifiers are fun, and the visuals are pretty, but that doesn’t matter if you can’t even actually access the content.

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