How to fix: Winds of Magic DLC

A) Split the WoM DLC

  • FREE DLC with Weaves game mode + Cataclysm difficulty + Beastmen faction, existing owners of the DLC get 4th Sienna class bundle for free

  • PAID DLC with the 5 weapons + Dark Omens map, price should be lowered to match Forgotten Relics DLC

B) Overhaul Weaves

  • All Athanor items are already maxed out level 30, no Essence needed

  • Fuse Unranked and Ranked into ONE mode

  • Add Quick Play and Lobby Browser

  • Add player Drop-in mid-game

  • Add optional bots, if activated run counts as 4 player party in leaderboard

  • (Remove leaderboards if technically necessary)

  • Reduce the 160 Weaves to 40 Weaves with the possibility to play every weave on every difficulty

  • 7 difficulties:
    -Cataclysm 2 (old Weave 61-80) REMOVE
    -Cataclysm 3 (old Weave 81-120) REBRAND to Cataclysm 2
    -Cataclysm 3 (old Weave 121-160)

  • Every difficulty can be selected from the beginning, Season rewards only unlock if all 40 Weaves are beaten on same difficulty or higher

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I agree with being able to play on any difficulty as starting weaves after playing legend/cata is tedium.

B changes feel necessary. I don’t mind the essence mechanic since you can farm it in normal games, but it is a barrier to playing weaves.
Quick play and lobby browser are the most needed.

I would add more sophisticated seasons to the whole thing… Sure you have some variety by shuffling spawns, winds and maps, but really the last 2 seasons didn’t feel new and exciting at all.
For my sake, a season can last longer, but a new season should then please also feel like it and not just be a hackneyed copy of the predecessor… the same goes for the rewards.

Er, correct me if I am wrong, but some of your suggested overhauls are already in the game…

You can quickplay unranked weaves, which you can join games mid-progress, and they do incorporate bots. Yes, it would be nice if any weaves completed there were counted as ranked, and also allowed bots and in game joining (which would ruffle some feathers, but likely be much better for the modes health).

There already is lobby browser functionality, just so few people play it (and with an open lobby), that you rarely see games in the browser.

It would be pretty sweet to play all weaves from the get go instead, and have a little tickbox next to them in the level select menu to show if you have completed it or not.

Your consolidation of the weaves themselves has me a little bamboozled as well with what it would look like in the end.

Difficulty selection is definitely something that is needed. Currently even when it skips you past some of the very early ones, its still tedious to try and play to the upper 100:s where the real challenge for most lies.( Most as those who bother to even progress it)

Personally I do have a group that could play in some of the highest weaves possible but we really simply don’t have the time/interest to grind the previous stuff first to get to the “interesting” stuff. More than likely we hit a roadblock anyways in some 130-140 area and find new 60-100 grind in the next couple months. (Tough this season seems to be exception to above considering how long it has lasted now)

The seasons themselves could also really offer something new, I’m still shocked we don’t see double/triple wind combinations and find this to be a really missed opportunity. The later weaves really should be about throwing as many odd situation’s at the player as possible instead of this 1-2 shot fiesta it seems to get later down the line.