The more I learn about Winds of Magic, the more disappointed I become with it.

I honestly think you should sell 2 separate DLCs for Winds of Magic instead of bundling everything up. I would gladly pay for Cataclysm, beastman faction, and the new weapons. I do not want the new Weaves game mode and I think it’s a mistake not selling the Weaves separately. You can still have a package deal to include all of it but for those out there who have absolutely no interest in Weaves or are disappointed in it like I am, we shouldn’t be forced to buy something we do not want.

Why don’t I like the Weaves?

1.) They are timed. I play games to reduce stress, not induce it.

2.) Leaderboards. I’m only upset with this because I read there will be no rewards for top players. In ESO, if you make the top 25 in a raid leaderboard, you get a box of goodies sent to your in-game mailbox. There’s no point in competing against other players in a co-op game just for bragging rights.

3.) Each career has to be leveled up individually in the Weaves. Yeeeeah, no thank you.

4.) Each weapon has to be leveled up individually and cannot be shared with the different careers of the same hero. Again, no thank you.

5.) Weaves have non-stop enemies. This isn’t that bad. It’s just that the base game is already full of janking enemy animations and I can only see this problem getting worse in the Weaves mode. Just love getting hit by a stormvermin attack when I’m behind him. More of that please! [insert sarcasm]

6.) No lobby [or bots] for the Weaves game mode. I can understand why no bots because the AI is just terrible but not having a lobby for the Weaves is a bad idea. I don’t know why but there doesn’t appear to be any Vermintide players in the area I live in. Every game I get matched up with, I’m facing 300+ ping. Yeah, again, no thank you.

Here is the major deal breaker:

7.) When the leaderboards get reset, so does your career and all of your weapons you worked so hard in upgrading in the Weaves. The person who said this will be unnamed but if it’s true, I will definitely not be buying this “expansion.” No other game resets your characters after a season. You can reset the leaderboards, but do not reset everything else. This is just terrible game design.

TL;DR Separate the expansion into 2 separate DLCs and let the players choose what they want to pay for because if the price is €20, I will most definitely not be wasting my money or my time.

Besides, Borderlands 3 is coming out in September and Doom Eternal in November of this year!! :slight_smile:


Don’t give up hope just yet, Shella.

Hey Hedge, is there any sort of official statement about how progress is going to be wiped for seasons?

“That decision has not been set in stone yet, we’re taking on feedback :)” - Hedge

  1. Don’t know much details, but that sounds ok
  2. That is just feature for streamers, not a single common player will ever see his name on this leaderboard.
  3. That is terrible
  4. Thats even worse than 3
  5. That makes sence, you would just clear easy and than work on hard, this way you need more coop, which is bad for 90% of community as it is QP.
  6. No lobby, no chance of getting in that mod. So this is probably reason I am not buying it.
  7. Reason why I stopped playing Rust wipes every month. Another reason why not to buy.

Only reason to buy this thing I can see so far is Mjolnir styled axe for dwarf, that thing is definetly not worth the price of expansion. I saw few videos of it and I doubt that I will purchae that and after reading that, I am sure.

Well Said


Did they changed something because character weapon level up was for every carrier?

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It’s hard to disagree with what OP writes. The whole ekhm… hype<?> for this “expansion” is somewhat artificially pumped now. There is really nothing special to wait for.
Ok, maybe this new (one! - big lol here) map, beastmen and cata difficulty, but is this not to little? Rest is simply… meh.

I have said it many times, but I will repeat myself. This “expansion” will not be different from previous DLCs. Simply lack of one content will be rerpleaced for another. Nothing “big” and nothing special here. IMO everything will depend on the price. 10 maybe 12 $/€ will be ok for this “revelation”. Otherwise it will be better to wait for some discount/sale.


There are people that enjoy that. You still get the beastmen, weapons and map. You don’t have to play the weaves, I don’t plan to spend much time in them myself.

Pretty sure they don’t need to be leveled up individually, based off of the last beta.

There was a weave lobby finder in the beta.

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I’m pretty sure it will be for free. (Beastman map excluded.)
Major selling point of dlc is weapons, many people do not like weaves or how it was made.

I think not. Check Steam WoM chart.

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As I’ve said many times, normally they allow anyone to enjoy the DLC content as long as one person in your party has it. That’s why you can join a friend who doesn’t have DLCs and when he QPs, you can still get Bögenhagen maps.

It’s probably going to be the same in this DLC. So really, the only exclusive content will be weaves and weapons, along with what ever DLC achievements they add. These are normally just “do this” and get a emperors vault.

With that being the case, there’s not really a need to split this dlc up into two.


No matter if gonna play alot of weaves or not (probably the latter one, maybe will see…)
Respect FS for trying new things, also worth mention the Versus/PvP mode which is also something new for the series coming up.

Noticed alot of people are angry or similar… about the newest expansion.
Will support the newest expansion and buy it, call it fanboyism/whiteknightning doesnt bother one bit.
Think alot of people dont realize Fatshark allready started alot of work on this expansion 100% before we knew about it. And even if people kept asking about change everything about it. They dont throw all the work they started and somehow belived in just to start over. Fatshark isnt the biggest company around even if they grew some this last year.

Thumbs up on trying new things in this expansion, even if still agree with most or somethings the original post mentioned though^^

Theres not alot of games like this with the same concept (base game as vermintide) around so like to see them expand every direction they want too in the future.


Not the case. Melee/ranged weapons are shared between careers.

They’re scripted. Only a large amount in relation to the time you get (sometimes).

During beta you could form a group before entering the weave with the group finder. Weaves were also available in map finder. It might be subject to change though due to some issues with the latter.

(Also @Rune)

I’m guessing it’s the message of don’t give me weaves you agree with because a lot of the other stuff is just disinformation. The people I talk to about the expansion are mostly hyped about the fact that there is new content and gameplay changes coming. Either because the game has grown stale to them (and me) and/or for new difficulty.


I’m one of beta internal tester. I know whatWoM have to offer, and I keep my opinion.
I’m not write about changes in mechanics, because they will be available to everyone. I write specifically about the content of expansion, this in my opinion, does not look impressive.
I understand, however, that someone can enjoy anything.

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I could have formatted that better. My intent was only to shed some light on why people do look forward to it. It’s not artificial to everyone.

A lot of people who enjoy and play the game plenty, greatly appreciate major changes because they are changes. The big balance beta was awesome because it gave us something new, and redefined the use of both builds and weapons. The expansion, in contrast to the BBB, gives us weapon and talent re-balancing, a new faction, a few new weapons and a new difficulty (and weaves and a new adventure map obviously).

I’m not trying to change anyone’s opinion about the upcoming expansion, but there are most definitely opinions (and hype) contrasting whatever you feel is just “artificial”. Genuine yearning for the release, however pathetic that may sound :partying_face::+1:

Edit: And I’m pretty sure they made a blunder on the WoM steam page. I can’t remember if Cataclysm have been confirmed to be a free content update or not but i’m almost certain they confirmed that the raised level cap would apply to everyone (regardless of expansion purchase) on the 2nd of August stream. It wouldn’t make much sense to not release Cataclysm along with that.


I still don’t know what to think about WoM…

On the paper, all the offered content appeal to me, and I know I would enjoy it. But half of the decision the devs made during Beta really makes me wonder if I’ll enjoy the final product just as much (and I say half of the decision, the other half were really good, especially on talents and stagger, they went directly where the community agreed they should go)

Seeing how much work WoM has gotten etc, I think it’ll be around 20$.
If I’m wrong and it’s less, definitively gonna get it, as long as my friend get it too. Otherwise I’ll just wait for the Emporium I guess c:

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The stagger thing sure is not something community agreed on at all. It was more like 85:15 ratio of “omg no…!” vs “yea great”


If it will be like some ppl speculate - changes in mechanic, cata difficulty, rised lvl for free and for everyone as update, that i think 20€/$ will be to much for only one map and boring weaves :confused:
In that case, I certainly will not buy WoM because is simply not worth that amount of money.
Everything will depend on the price.


Nah I don’t say that they added mechanic the community wanted. Simply that when most of people went “Oh no it’s not good, try doing something like that”, updates to the stagger system took a good path. So the added work they are putting right now after the beta is most likely to follow that path, thus in a good way.

@Maddred Sadly true. They have advertised WoM for way longer than other DLC, and have put way more work into it than other ones… It would be appreciated to have WoM for only 10-15€/$, but considering they call it Expansion instead of DLC, it’s not likely :confused:


Also beastmen and weapons. Pretty sure beastmen will be only available if host (or perhaps anyone in the group) owns the dlc.


Beastmen… yeah :stuck_out_tongue: I forgot about them… so one map, beastmen and weaves… still not worth, especially when will be like u said with host.
It’s just a simple change of content and I don’t see a difference in quantity and quality from what we have already received in previous DLCs - lack of few new maps is replaced with beastmen and weaves. As for me nothing justifies to give a higher price than the previous DLCs.

However, WoM has not yet come out and we do not know how much it will cost and I hope that I will not be unpleasantly surprised :confused:

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