WoM is a bit meh in some aspects

I’ll get this out of the way. I don’t outright hate the entire expansion, but just certain elements of it that are bad or lacking.

  1. Lack of new maps
    One. Single. New. Map. Got added. WoM is marketed as an expansion and yet has less maps then the regular DLCs, where is the logic in that? Fatshark should’ve made a beastmen campaign with 3 regular maps and a lord map, that would be perfectly acceptable, but a singular new map is rather disappointing/lazy.

  2. Weave Seasons
    These would fine except for one thing, the progression resets, ew. I don’t want to play lootbox opening simulator again, it’s boring as watching paint dry, but not only that, having to grind back up to max level just makes the game boring and lazily designed. Just add 2 different leaderboards if you want, one for people who like progress resets and one for people like me who find grinding boring after doing it once. These are the same reasons i don’t play seasons in Diablo 3 and why i haven’t prestiged past Infamy V in Payday 2.

  3. Beastmen
    Beastmen should have been added to the base game, don’t sell enemies as DLC, it just seems strange.

  4. DLC Weapons
    5 new weapons isn’t really bad per say, but again it’s marketed to have more stuff then a typical DLC, which should have included weapons. 8 weapons, instead of 5 would of filled this quota.

Out of the 4 things i listed, 1 and 2 are the things i dislike the most, while 3 and 4 are more just minor nitpicks i have with the expansion.


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What do you mean? You normally work for free?


What i mean is, I think it’s kind of odd to paywall enemies. Other co-op games i own just add new enemy types in for free, that’s why i find not adding beastmen to the base game strange.

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From what I understand, as long as one person in the party has the DLC, you all get the beastmen. So you can still experience them without buying it.

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It was the same with the maps to Übersreik and Bögenhafen. Since I got the DLC, all my friends could come with me to play on these maps. :slight_smile:

Sure, you won’t get achivements but that’s life.

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What other co-op games have you been playing that still undergo full development? Not trying to be nitpicky, I’m just surprised there are games that regularly release large, free updates.

My personal favorite to back into is Heroes of Hammerwatch; they’ve developed new enemies, maps, and items… but you have to own the DLC to get them. I don’t think that’s bad policy at all, I think it’s normal.

Unless, that is we had the release from a AAA game company that sells a $130 Deluxe edition containing the Season Pass of Desti-… a random AAA game that is way overpriced… then I certainly expect free content.


Well to name a few. Killing Floor 2, World War Z, Payday 2 (although PD2 has a mixture of free and paid stuff).

Yeah but Killing Floor 2 and Payday 2 has microtransactions if I am not mistaken. Not really a fair comparison to vermintide 2. I don’t know anything about world war z so I can’t debate there.

@Torantolis Deep Rock Galactic is a co-op game still undergoing development and they have added a number of new weapons, enemies, and maps for free. They are also a Indie Studio. I don’t see how asking for Beastmen to be added to the game with an update is expecting too much at all.

I have legitimately made an account on this forum to voice some concerns about WoM. Why is this DLC more expensive for less content than the other DLCs. Well maybe more than Boganhafen, but I try to forget that one.

We get a singular new map that isn’t that long, hard, or challenging, but it does look pretty so it has some major points for that. I’d love to see an actual campaign based around it and I can concede that maybe that’s the direction they are going. I would love for them to keep adding to the game meaningfully. This seems like a step forward and multiple steps backwards.

The Beastmen, while they are interesting, I don’t see why they are locked behind the $20 paywall. I can understand the mission, weapons, and challenge mode being behind it. It’s just a new enemy is exactly the breath of fresh air I think this game just in general needs. If the DLC was $10 (without discount from buying other DLC) I would probably have less of a negative opinion on its price.

I don’t know or care enough about the Weave at this point to comment on it. When I get more into it, maybe I’ll love it and change my mind completely about the DLC and praise it all the way. I am not even being facetious with that statement. I just have no connection to the Weave right now, and admit that’s a personal bias thing. I just want more campaign content personally.

Lastly the talent changes and lack of leveling up. I don’t like what they did to my boi Zealot by removing the talent where hits during Righteous Fury (or whatever his Career Skill is named lol) gave temp health. That was a super viable and fun way to play Zealot. He’s the class I main, so I have the most experience with and this sudden unexpected and unwanted change has just thrown me for a loop.

Also I am at least level 30(+10) with several characters, are they going to change it where that +10 means anything or do I just have to gain 5 more levels to actually be level 35? (If I need to make a thread to get that question answered I will, just felt like tagging it on here).

I will end this long, meandering rant with a statement: I understand this is still a beta and I see good here, just not enough for a $20 price tag and a lot of unnecessary changes to a game that was fine without them.


But DRG is still in early access, so they are still developing to the final release. Again I think not a fair comparison to vermintide that has released last year.

Well, the main reason I would think is to pay for the work of guys who made them into the game. Fatshark doesn’t have any other way to generate money (ie microtransactions) and it doesn’t split the community so I don’t really see any problems with this honestly.

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Yep, Killing Floor 2 is basically Loot Box 2 right now. (and it’s NOT a good thing)
Payday 2 is the one who dropped off its microtransaction, but still heavily use DLC (I mean there’s like 20 dlc right now). So no, the update should have not come for free by any mean.

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I think it’s a fine comparison.

Personally think companies earn my support and aren’t just given it. However, if you think this is totally worth $20 and they’ve done amazing, you do you. I just don’t see a $20 price tag for what the DLC offers, especially when the other DLCs are just $10. I could probably see $10 no problem. If the game had been worked on more over the year since it released, if Fatshark had stuck with and achieved anything on their roadmap without just discarding it, and this update didn’t add so many strange new features I would be more than at best lukewarm with this DLC. As is I feel it’s a bit disappointing.

Once again, I will acknowledge it’s in beta and maybe before it’s full released it’ll knock my socks off. Just right now it feels whack.

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Whenever something is worth something is all up to the individual. All I was arguing was that the business model seems reasonable and fair to me.

And I simply disagree.

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Aaaaand we get back to the point of 9 months of work for this expansion. Was it worth? IMO, no.
Am I satisfied with the final product? No.

Ok, time has been spent, Fat Shark employees need to get paid for their work, fair. DLC/Expansion has been created and we need to pay for it, again, fine.

Beastmen were created and I’m really and sincerely delighted about them.


Only one map has been made, a map that feels a bit unfinished and empty when compared to other maps.
Weaves? First of all, weaves look really beautiful. But that’s it. There is no other aspect that draws me into weaves. Progression will be wiped…

Wait what!!! ???

On top of grinding for gear and power in weaves, progression will be wiped??? If this is true I truly don’t have a reason good enough to play weaves at all.

And there goes the DLC. I don’t know if I feel angry or just sad when I think about Vermintide.

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If you ignore Weaves, which to be honest we should because no way am I doing that much work just to have it wiped every season, then all we have left is basically half of Bogenhafen or BTU, but at twice the price.

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You can potentialy still play the map and play with the beastmen if someone’s hosting it for you. How is that not reasonable and fair? If anything it seems to me like pretty generous deal.

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