New Maps when?

Hi Fatshark,
please make new maps dlc’s, paid dlc’s
not maps from v1, new maps
it’s what the game needs the most in terms of content,.

Thanks for reading


Hi Fatshark, don’t listen to him. Maps from V1 are welcome.




Please dont listen to OP V1 maps are wonderfull and welcome Fatshark. Death on the Reik specifically would be very welcome.

On that note, we had 2 new maps in bogenhafen, 3 old in BtU, we get 3 old with Drachenfels, so after that we deserve at least 4 NEW maps.


We also got 2 totally new arena which weren’t a part of any map. And 40 old maps remade with thematically corresponding to a specific wind. And 1 new Dark Omens map


Please don’t mix up different game modes.

Edit: I didn’t want to be that guy, but here it goes.

I have clocked in several hundred hours in V1. If I want to play them, I go back there and play them. I don’t want any more old maps in V2, they are BORING me. While I accept that not everyone played V1, they can buy it cheap and play them there. There is no need to remake V1 into V2 via DLCs, it defeats the purpose of the second game. So, why should new players wanting old maps have a higher value than old players not wanting to play the old maps?
I think the drachenfels maps are made because they only have to be implemented technically and not spent time on designing them. And on this note, the karak azgaraz maps would have been much better to remake as the drachenfels ones.


That doesn’t help anyone who wants to play the traditional game mode.


No one did speak of “traditionnal game mode” until now in this topic.

Well, I’m fine with them alternating between new and old (we had Dark Omens as a new one)
It’s not because you, as a player, and “some” others don’t want them, that it means that ALL the playerbase (which you, and I don’t represent as a whole) should be prevented to play old maps.



According to the Q&A, the old DLC design wasn’t good.

The current design with weaves isn’t good either - I had to buy content I wasn’t interested in to get what I wanted. That’s why I didn’t buy the expansion, but only a key - to pay only what I felt this pack was worth.

The best way would be to create thematic mini-DLCs.

Only maps. Only cosmetics. Only weapons. Only keep customization. Only whatever they come up with.
This way, there would be no need for topics/arguments like this, everyone could pick whatever they want, no need for tie-ins.

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From a marketing standpoint it makes no sense.
For example Winds of Magic contains a lot of things, but if you’re interested by let’s say new weapons but not the new mode and maps, you will only get the “Weapon dlc”.
Therefore the new mode will see way less people in it. And you’ll sell less overall.

The old dlc design wasn’t good because with new maps being playable by everyone (if one own the dlc), people didn’t see why they had to buy the dlc at all (I really saw criticism of this back in the first dlcs).

That was their biggest financial mistake, giving in to those people. They weren’t buyers anyway, so no business lost there. That way the DLC made sense. I would buy those any time.

WoM tries to go back there, but the Weaves alone wouldn’t have carried it, so they needed to add stuff that people actually wanted - the weapons, the map, the beastmen. I didn’t buy WoM and will never set foot into the Weaves, so your point is defeated.

Wanting to sell everything will never work, they could offer bundles of those mini-DLCs at a discount.

My point is not defeated by a single person that won’t buy a single dlc, rather than people that won’t buy several dlc. This isn’t a statistical study there. And if it was, you are not “enough” to prove a trend.

Another marketing point is to not blurry the product with a thousand of buying options.
When you see 40 dlc instead of 1, you can also tend to not buy the product because all thoses dlc are kinda overwhelming. (which is why you usually have “complete editions” “bundled offers” in order to “catch up”)

Well, the other 2 people I play with, bought WoM full price and still don’t go into Weaves. I know I’m not a trend setter, just an example.
They try to switch over to cosmetics now, but in my eyes that’s not content, so I won’t buy them either.

What should they try in your opinion then, to get my money? Why not ask me - and others - what I would give money for and offer me just that?
Make ANY money instead of NONE?

I understand, but the thing (in marketing) is to catter the most people on a product. If you fail to be the target, and the solution requires to lose more people that go “out of the target”, then there’s an issue. They’ll earn less money, even if it’s better for you specifically.

Now, what they’re trying to do is to provide “gameplay content” freely, and “cosmetic content” paid. If it doesn’t work, they’ll probably comes with another model later.

I am not sure that

is now their sole strategy. I cant remember which stream it was but it sounded like it is the way for the coming drachenfels maps etc. but they still will make paid content (cause drachenfels are actually old maps??).

Back to “Back to Ubersreik” and its success, the old model was :

A dlc with old maps, a dlc with new maps.

Then they swapped to an expansion model with new modes, faction, and weapons, because in V1, only maps DLC was not enough to sustain the game, so they wanted to give an “end game” mode (which are Weaves and “seasons”)

Then they start to give what they began as a dlc (the drachenfells maps which are from a V1 beloved dlc) in the form of free stuff, and sell cosmetics.

We’re at this point now. Depending on how it works, it can stay like this, or it can change. Nothing is set in stone.

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Considering the negative reception of WoM it doesn’t need to be spelled out. Except for you.

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This topic is about new maps, not about WoM reception, traditional game mode, or whatever.

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