Map Editor Update?

It’s been awhile since the developers mentioned anything about a Map Editor.

Would be really nice to have some sort of official communication about what state it is in.


I don’t think so they made map editor. Making maps aleready is agood business for selling DLCs. Besides, I can already see this dump of silly maps, e.g. from CSGO

It’s better to let FS create maps. They have experience in this and for example those with V1 are really great. I will gladly buy any dlc that will contain several new (or V1) maps.

If I remember correctly, they said during a stream that the mod tools are nearly 100% ready to be released. They just need to iron out a few things and they should be released SoonTM.

And I disagree @Maddred . L4D2 had amazing community maps. I use to download tons and test them, even write up reviews for them. I don’t see why the community can’t make maps and the really good ones get approved and added to the game.


I can’t remember if it was here or reddit, but a dev replied to me about this in a thread and said something like “the tools are 95% done, but because they require third-party software, they’re hung up on legal issues”.

That said, releasing full mod tools will be one of the best possible things for this game, I think. We’d get so much new content . . . It would be incredible.


I think it would be in great error to dismiss Community Made Maps as they can help breach the gap in-between content releases coming from Fatshark.

Anyone showing disdain towards modding/map making fails to remember that Moba’s like League of Legends, Dota and so on were made through the Warcraft 3 Modding and Level Design Tools.


But I can have my opinion? Yes? thx
Anyway i don’t say that mods are bad or something, but I have experience with custom maps in Team Fortress

You’d rather have devs take all their development time on making maps and selling it as dlc than let us make community maps (something I’m sure people enjoy doing as well) when they’re already nearly complete with the tools required

Sure. I myself have played TF2 and there were some good and some bad custom made maps but they still added longevity to the game. Killing Floor 2 also had community made maps, some becoming official with people receiving prizes.


Yea, maybe something like this is the way. Competition for cool maps and as a reward simply putting it into the official game.


If Fatshark has any incentive in growing a Map Making Community sure.

Such maps entering the official game would be difficult due to Game’s Workshop having a hold over what is allowed and what isn’t. Maybe if the modder works a lot and keep the level design well and according to lore/story/etc… it could work.

Attorneys… gross. Actual tools to make stuff. The Dream.


I remember it mentioned somewhere that the FS Dev team has a huge map of Helmgart. They’ve posted it before, and they tend to connect the maps, even if you don’t notice. Look down the cliff before you enter the temple of Sigmar on Rightous Stand. You can see the screaming bell map.

The anniversary drinking map actually connected a ton of different maps together. I’m sure FS could make that available to the community and we could explore the areas we’ve been to by taking different paths.

I mean, I can even see current maps just be switched around and you run them backwards. Perhaps with new routes to take. They might not be original, but it would be cool. Playing through the farm map backwards, getting to the big open fields that are normally at the start and having a boss battle there. Or starting at the temple on Rightous stand, fighting halfway across the wall and then taking a lift down to the screaming bell map.

Also, don’t forget, there’s assets in maps that never made it to the final version. Like again, the farm map. You use to be able to escape it and there was even cellers with interactive doors you could get too.


I feel like what you’re talking about is already done with Weaves.

edit: While I can’t say this for everyone I’m sure the majority of people either want something new or perhaps VT1 maps brought to VT2 getting a face lift in the process.

Apparently not, or they’d be doing it.

Dawn of War I had a massive collection of great maps - including community map packs, and an even bigger amount of totally awful maps.

This might be the sole reason for the Modded Realm - to test maps for endorsement and inclusion in the official realm.


They probably don’t want to be just “mapmakers.” But creating something else exceeds their capabilities, and paradoxically creating maps works quite well.
Maybe it’s time to face the truth and start doing what you are good at, rather than hitting the sun with a hoe :confused:



Seriously. I don’t understand it. I have no sympathy for a company that refuses to offer a product that people are clamoring to buy.

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Mmm, I think it would be a good thing for weaves, or something similar. A huge chunk of vermintide for me is the story and I doubt we’d have access to the voice actors. A map without story and dialogues wouldn’t really be a vermintide map.
But as I said, the weaves would offer the perfect frame for something like this.

I always built maps for so many games i played. I would love to do some for Vermintide 2 because i already have a ton of ideas i would like to try out with the game.

Actually im really curious on how the engine works. How i can optimize things and what tools it brings to make the gameplay feel smooth.


Actually, I think it was stated in a reddit post that making maps is a very long process. It took nearly their entire Dev team 9 months to make Bögenhafen and BtU. Which is part of the reason they tried WoM. They want to try new content instead of just pumping out maps once per year.

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