Suggestion to import VT1 maps

I’m really excited for season 3. The new weather variations will make the maps more enjoyable/more replayable and i don’t mind premium careers I’d definitely buy them but importing all the adventure VT1 maps (including dlcs) would make the game perfect. Hopefully i’ll see some in the future.

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While i love V1 maps, i’d prefer if they spent their time and resources making entirely new ones. I know it’s a lot more risky then just remaking fan favorites, but at the same time we got 6 maps from the first game, admittedly changed, but still from the first game. I wanna see some variety, they got the talent for it



We’ve been through this, just get Back to Übersriek.

How much of Blood in the Darkness and Old Haunts is from V1? Aside from the broken portal section that only lasts a few minutes.

I suspect brand new maps a bloody hard to do.

I think Bogenhafen has put a big dent in the possibility of new maps. The two new maps there were criticized, alongside the Great Reddit argument of '18, put a big downer on new maps in general. I guess it might also have been not as profitable as hoped.

I would like Karak Azgaraz, but even that would gt a bit of a slating.

cough Map Editor cough

The the argument about new maps would go away.

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It wouldn’t go away because user-made maps have no canon story and don’t instantly provide content to people.

Community-made maps that aren’t bugged to hell will take a while to come out. Back when I was still playing L4D2, which was way more popular and had a well-documented engine, there was barely anything worth playing outside of super enthusiasts willing to look past the flaws. And that was for a game with lower fidelity and no movement abilities.

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No, there is no need to import any more V1 maps.
They can get inspiration, but no more exact copies like BtU did.

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I already own the VT1 maps. I can play them whenever I want. I don’t wanna pay for the same content twice. The maps in the Back to Ubersreik DLC for VT2 were so similar to the originals that I got bored of them really quickly. I want new content not bland re-hashes of previous content.

I actually think that new content should NOT be focused on maps. We already have 22. If you add 1 new map you increase the content by 4.5% - 95% of the time you are playing the same old familiar maps. It would be better if Fatshark added a new enemy faction or added new specials, elites, and mini-bosses to existing factions - this would affect how people play the game on every map. Also, if they incentivized people to play twitch mode (by adding frames, or weekly twitch shilling quests, and a twitch play loot bonus so people didn’ t have to do full book runs for Emperor’s loot) I think people would have way more fun because the variation and sheer chaos that presents itself in a twitch game is way more fun and engaging than some vanilla all-book run - Fatshark could then easily change gameplay on all maps by adding new twich modifiers. Finally, adding new weapons and new careers is also preferable to new maps because new weapons alter how existing careers are built and played and new careers alter the dynamics, strengths and weaknesses of a team…on all maps.


New enemies > new twitch incentives and modifiers > new careers > new weapons > new maps.

I agree that there are diminishing returns with adding new maps. It’s also very expensive content to make.

But different modes split up the playerbase which means you can’t do some of them without a dedicated group or some luck. That’s what happened with Weaves. Finding people to do Deeds with isn’t always easy either, and Twitch mode is probably too chaotic for a lot of players. I enjoy it occasionally but I’d hate to do it for some specific reward outside of frames.

As far as weapons and careers are concerned, most players won’t even reach the point where they exhaust those. We don’t even need so many new ones, there would be a lot more EFFECTIVE variety in weapons if the subpar ones were buffed/changed and more weapons made use of the special attack button.

New enemies are an interesting area to explore, Beastmen are currently still undercooked and could use some more units and particularly specials/elites. That even applies to Chaos since they only have two fatties and the vast majority of specials are skaven. A new faction will be hard to include, beastmen in their current state can at least be explained as “well they kinda hang out in some outdoors areas and forests to begin with” but what else would be friendly with the pactsworn and not feel out of place? On the other hand, if they’re locked into the maps of a new campaign, that’s kind of a waste.

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