Vermintide 1 & 2

Hi there. I was playing l4d2 the other day and remembered the dlc they had that combined l4d1 and l4d2’s respective maps. I cant help but feel that vermintide 2 would benefit from such a dlc. the maps for the first game were beautifully crafted just like the second, and the dlc maps were some of my favorites. I know your fans would much appreciate it if you were to patch the original maps into the second i know i would. after all it seems a waste to let such design and artistic ability to fall to the wayside. thanks for the consideration and let me know what you think.

They’ve been looking into adding VT1 maps in VT2 since release.

Please, use the search function. The corpse of the previous topic about this isn’t even cold yet, and it’s not the only one.

As a bonus, the older threads include my (and others’) reasoning to why converting the maps isn’t as simple as it seems.

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