A VT1 Map Pack DLC for VT2


I would very much like a DLC containing the Vermintide 1 Maps/Missions (from the base game) for VT2. I guess it would be easier to implement since you already got a lot of assets you could reuse, so it wouldn’t be that expensive to make and old time VT1 players and new players alike could enjoy these great maps again.

Horn of Magnus, the Wizard’s Tower, Garden of Morr,…those were really good designed maps. Would be nice if we could also have them in VT2.

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This has been proposed before, and (iirc) in the release stream the devs said they too would like to do this at some point. It is a surprising amount of work, though, with all the changes to the mechanics of the game (and addition of Chaos), even if the engine is still the same. There also needs to be a way to bind them somehow to the current lore. So fingers crossed, but don’t expect it before a lot more issue-solving and one or two new content DLCs.


Ideally the old maps would be more or less the same as in VT1, without Chaos units, though that would mean you needed a tweaked loot system for those maps, since they would be easier than the VT2 missions.

Good to know that the developers considered this. =)

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