Fuse V1 content with V2 for content

Hi FS,
loving the game as full time worker with family I have 160 hours and I’m on the brink to go permanentley to legend with my party of casuals.
As nobody seems to be really aware of what is coming next I thought I will drop an idea here in the forum.
I really liked how the maps and races from Total War: Warhammer 1 were implemented as free DLC for Total War: Warhammer 2 if you owned the first game. I assume that an adaption of the VT1 maps to VT2 could be a rather fast way to kick in a bunch of maps. Might just keep it with Skaven only as it was before. “Nightmare of Ubersreik” as a free DLC for those who own VT1 to enjoy the great maps such as: Black Powder, Horn of Magnus, Wizards Tower, Supply and Demand, Engines of War etc. with the new classes.

Of course this isn’t new content by any means but it would give us a little more map variety.

Aaand again… The previous thread about this is hardly dead yet, and several more have been created before.

See those threads (and please use the search function) to read some conversation about this, and reasons for why it’s not necessarily as simple as it appears. I think FS knows by now that this is wanted, and the forum users are (or at least I am) getting a bit tired of a new thread on the topic popping up every week.

Well sorry for that, search function it is next time. However it’s nice read that this has been adressed widely already.

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ey don’t let that stop you from posting stuff. glad to see you r loving the game!

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