Easy made DLC ? Convert VT1 Maps/DLC to VT 2 and bring back Lore Notes


I for one would LOVE to see the original VT1 maps and DLC converted to VT2. Just like Left for Dead 2 did with the L4D missions, covert the original Vermintide missions/DLC to the Vermintide 2 interface. I never finished all my VT1 DLC. Being back in a VT mood and going to play them now, the VT1 interface is slow and clunky compared to VT2. It’s actually not nearly as enjoyable. Congrats to greatly improving on what you did the first time!

There were some great missions and story in VT1 and being able to use the new careers and crafting system would be awesome to refresh them. Since the theme of VT1 did not include Chaos or the Rotbringers, keep the spawning and such to Skaven only, but include the new Skaven types from VT2. I would love to play through the Fall of Ubersreik straight into the new setting.

And please bring back the Lore Notes that unlock the facts about the Old World. I’ve been involved in the Warhammer world since the 80’s and was heartbroken when the Old World was destroyed. I know most of the info the notes unlocked, though a few little nuggets were new to me. My nephew and step-son started getting into Warhammer because of VT1 and loved the lore. They learned most they know from those notes.

Hopefully this is something you can easily do and will implement. Might help keep some of the online nerd-rage about DLC quiet as well.

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Im all for the original invasion idea. nice and easy, fits the theme without a rewrite.

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The devs spoke about this on a few of there streams, they said they want to add some of the maps if not all but it would be alot of time and work to get them in the second game.

I also think they are not very well balanced for all the new careers and abilitys you have in the new game.

I’d expect to see something at some point down the line but probably not any time soon.

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As said in the linked post, in VT2 they tried to make each map the same length (more or less).
Maps like Black Powder or Wheat and Chaff would be abused to farm. I think that’s also one of the thing they implied by “more work than expected”.
I’m sure someday, not in the near future tho, they will come up with the Original Invasion DLC, with re-done maps to have the same length. (Therefore providing actual new content for every player cause some maps would have new segments).

If this day happen tho, that would mean they are done with the today’s problem, and so Vermintide 2 will become the awesome game it was meant to become <3

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the way to fix short maps like black powder is to merge all of them 2gether.

black powder + wheat and chaff + rampart + well (dear god). make it a portal u go through to get to the next area or something :smiley:

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I don’t care that some maps are shorter than others.

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If there’s ONE thing we’ve all learned, then this:
NOTHING is EVER easy with FS.
But hey, maybe they’ll release a DLC over at reddit the odd day. Who knows?

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Yeah I don’t care neither, but Fatshark does, and guess what, they’re in charge xD

@KKND2 Nooooope nopnopnop. The map have an order. Even though they’re done so you can play them in any order, there IS an order, so you can’t just merge them like that xD

Tbh, the map that would need additional work would be :
Smuggler’s Run, Black Powder, Man the Ramparts, Wheat and Chaff, Well Watch, Waterfront, and maybe Chain of Fire.

I’d love to see a longer ending in Black Powder, where you have to travel with the bot and discharge the barrel into a cart of something like that.
Well Watch could use separation from the two wells, so you have to defend both, they’re just two different events.
For the other, well there is plenty of ways to make them longer, it just take a hell lot of work (add a section in the middle would require to re-do almost the entire map)

Was just thinking that a campaign mode or the sorts would be nice. After each mission, you return to the tavern/keep and you’re brought up to date with what happened in the meantime and where you have to go next., maybe an attack on the tavern that ends with Gruber’s capture to link VT1 to VT2.

In both games I got the impression that you were allowed to branch out way to easily and had no real sense of cohesiveness. Also, a reward after going through all of them would be nice(cosmetics, veterans, Bardin’s beards, whatevs)

Have you talked to Olesya after each mission ? Just play them in order they appear and talk to Olesya after each one, campaign is already here.
As for the transition between VT1 and VT2 and how they got captured, that’s Waylaid (if you haven’t played it, it’s the last map released on VT1, for free)

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I like the idea, but not all maps, it would take another 4 years.
The maps I like are: Reikwald Forest, Reaching Out, The Horn of Magnus.

I’d like to see new maps for V2 too

Guess I have to reinstall VT1 now:)

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