Integrating Vermintide 1

I loved the first game, the 2nd is in my opinion simply better. I was wondering…
Could you “integrate” maps from the first game into the 2nd? Left for Dead style. I have no idea how much is the engine different and how much of a problem would that be, but it would be nice, if I could play both the old and new maps. It would also be funny to play the old maps with new enemies. I know there would be bit of a lore hick-up but it can be some sort of magic involved :smiley:
The 2nd thing - I bought some skins in the 1st game (ok 2 but still…) would it be possible to bring the costumes back in the 2nd game? Are the models so different for it to be a problem? (might be, I have no idea). I don’t regret buying them, the 1st game was worth the money (that’s the reason I bought Collector’s edition of the 2nd one, to show some gratitude) but might be nice to use those skins in both games. What do you think?


I think leave the V1 maps in V1 (i came to V2 for a new experience and new landscapes thank you)


Well, not now… in a year perhaps.


I think they said in some of their streams, that they are considering smth like this, but they have not figured out the clever way of doing it. So if there will be a lot of voices, they could.


I fully agree, i would love this and think it would help the game A TON. Beyond adding more missions, it reuses good content! I would even be willing to pay some $ if they upgraded the maps to VT2 graphics (although would be happy with anything). As much as i love VT2, I do think it would benefit from more maps, and VT1 is some good solid content! Maybe not make it under quickplay (custom or another mode entierly) so that ppl who want it can play, and those who dont want it dont have their experience tarnished. Then everyone wins :smiley:

Although, the question comes to mind… should they include the chaos from VT2 or keep the enemies the same as original?

Oh yes, I’d like this a lot and thought about it since my 1st VT2 day !

My input : One has to own VT1 (and any of its DLCs) and buy VT2 DLC “Back to the Futur End Times”.

Some “magic” door (Olesya U do dis, U rly magic !) pops into the Fort. You go through and BAM you’re back in the tavern.
As to how to play the maps : quick play, where you can now toggle which “era” you want included in the game research, or both.
Normal games are launched through the map on the table, same as VT1.

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do yall remember the maps you had to defend stuff in? REMEMBER THE WELLS. I wonder how that’ll work out with the new specials and elites

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Somewhere along the lines there was a rumor that Fatshark will import all V1 maps to V2.
When? - we don’t know.
If this was only a reddit rumor and nothing more?..time will tell.

I would love to see them all in v2.

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I never played the first one, so i’d like this a lot.


Honestly if they did or were able to import the maps…

They could just create new scenarios on them using the same maps for added content.

It would seriously increase the replayability.

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Which IMO seems to be one of the major disadvantages to this kind of game. Replayability is so important for games like this. Sure balancing and fixing glitches is incredibly important to the community, but to me, its equally important to have some diversity in our runs. Could you imagine having 2/3 scenarios per map of VT1 and 2, with different paths/encounters/objectives that could be intermixed? :smiley:

Of course, that being said, this game is amazing as is, and anything added will only make it even better :slight_smile: I wonder if we could get a dev in here… hmmm

Well tbh we can :slight_smile:
Map Fort Brachsenbrücke enough said - this kind of things would be awesome. They had some problems with 2 tomes spawning or … 4…But yeah this is the way to achieve that of what you writing about.

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Is the engine very similar between the two games? Reusing assets wouldnt be an awful idea in my opinion.

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This is exactly the same engine.


I do miss the old map table :’( i would love to see them port it to the keep (maybe in one of the blocked sections?)

Yea or a door to a portal which brings you back into the pub :smiley:

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Would be 100% awesome!

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I wonder how some of the level design would mesh with the new class abilities (mainly charges). VT2 has a lot more open spaces by design. Even levels that are generally seen as cramped (Righteous Stand) have a lot of open spaces.

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Maybe they could add a mechanic that stops forward movement when approaching an edge that leads to death? Like, kruber charges towards a ledge and on old maps, it acts like he hits a wall (although if he moves forward he would then fall, so you still have to watch out, but its a bit more manageable) … Or just be careful where you charge/leap?

Nah, adding limits to stuff like this will only limit our fun. Sure you might not enjoy charging off the cliff, but your team will find it hilarious ;D

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