Vermintide 1 Maps for Vermintide 2

I think it would be terrific if vermintide 2 have the old maps from vermintide 1 map. Can rework the old maps to accumulate vermintide 2’s new enemies or something.

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You’re not the first to suggest this, and I’m afraid won’t be the last. And I’ll answer the same again:

The devs (well, some of them) have said in one stream or another that they’d like to do it at some point. No plans for it now, though, with all the bug and balance issues there are and actual original content DLC(s) on the way. It’s also a surprising amount of work even when the game engine’s the same. Just about the only assets that can be used as is are the graphical ones, maybe some events. So while it would certainly be fun, it won’t happen soon. Hopefully at some point, though.

Fighting a Chaos Spawn in the back alleys of Supply and Demand sounds like a real horrid sitution TBH. The entire maps would need to be balanced for a stormfiend ripping you a new on when you’re running through the Inn on Horn of Magnus.

A chaos patrol in black power? gg

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I don’t think you can get a patrol at all in Black Powder, there’s only a scripted boss spawn and no shared spawn points. Chaos Warriors in waves would still be a pain on that map.

Then again, how would it feel like to fight any boss other than Rat Ogre in that small space? Not much space to evade Troll’s puke or Stormfiend’s flames, and a Chaos Spawn will very easily drive you off a ledge. Even The Rat ogre has learned a trick or two since VT1. Can you also imagine a VT2 horde in Well Watch?

If the map transfer were to happen, I’d say the best idea would be to implement the large maps first (Wizard’s Tower ahoy), partially to see how they actually work and partially to skip the extra problems the short maps would have.

Love this idea. This game should have been an amazing expansion to Vermintide 1 rather than a sequel in my opinion.
Considering only things that changed are the combat system, loot system, the addition of careers, and the addition of new enemies, and controversial decision to hinge combat mechanics on ‘hero power’, this game is hard to see as more than a map pack sometimes.
Mainly because a lot of these changes I think people wanted to see in VT1 to begin with.

So… Just about everything? I fail to see the “map pack” aspect.

You really think that’s more than an expansion? Well, your opinion I guess.

Changing the combat system with hero power and the loot system from dice are the two biggest changes. New maps, careers, new enemies. All pretty easy to imagine additions.

“But Rinik, that’s a lot of code and base changes to make! They would have to rewrite it almost from scratch!” Right you are! However they’d at least have the resources, following, and courage to undertake such a task. I mean they made another game. It’s ENTIRELY possible making another game from scratch with the borrowed resources of the last one was easier than patching core changes to Vermintide 1. I dunno, you dunno, who knows.
Really though if they do add the VT1 maps that means rewriting the game was simply easier than patching it, and it’s essentially the same game. Maybe that’s just my silly opinion that a TRUE sequel has everything good about the last game and more. This game has less of the good things (LORE + DIALOGUE) and the same bugs. There-in lies my reasoning.

There is a bit of a flaw with your thinking here in that VT2 maps often have ‘themes’ of enemies. Or maybe I am imagining that?
Into the Nest is mostly Skaven, part of why I love that map so much.
The Warcamp is mostly Chaos but sometimes the ambient trash is Skaven.

I’d just suggest that they keep certain maps from spawning certain things if they truly became guarentee’d wipes. As well as keeping with their ‘themed’ enemy levels. (Unless of course I’m just imagining that. I totally understand levels like Against the Grain are a total toincoss with enemy type, so maybe it is some placebo effect I have due to the level names.)

Well you could just restrict certain enemy types to certain maps.

On the other hand the big open area after you blow the doors on Horn of Magnus(the courtyard where the second grim is) could easily become a massive killzone if there is a boss/horde and specials as the specials spawn so far away on top of a building.

The point being, there’s much more to it than just porting the maps across.

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I can agree with all that.
I’m sure me and loads of other people would gladly beta test it and work out the kinks, so I say bring it on.

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