How do you think the V1 maps would play in V2?

So one of my greatest hopes for this game would be for the V1 maps to be ported across to V2 at some point and apart from the technical aspects of it (needing to quarter the maps so the faction system kinda works, etc.) it got me wondering how the rest of the changed mechanics would work for the maps.

Overall - High horde density and more ambients all round. Can be messy in tight spaces with stacking enemies. Warpfire throwers and the sorcerors might make some traditional hold points much less effective than they were before.

Specific map areas that might be different:

Horn of Magnus - The barrel event may get messy if the hordes that spawn get any larger. Places like the inn with the tight quarters would be a bit more painful, especially with chaos.

Black Powder - The long 2x4 bridge that goes across the map near the boat will be a hyperdensity primer on both ends since it was already one of the few areas in V1 where you could be buzzsawed by a stacked horde. Also being trapped by a horde at the furthest barrel spawn will be fun.

Summoner’s Peak - Ahahahaha oh boy. Chaos Spawn at the second portal with all of its drops and edges? Also the rats cool the generators really quickly, so adding more would make it a pain to defend.

The Dungeons - There’ll probably be more ambient elites in the darkness, which is already a massively polarising map mechanic. I just expect to eat more overheads from elites that were standing in corners/behind a pillar.

Waterfront - Waterfalling enemies in the break the supports warehouse will probably be worse since enemies clip into you a bit easier if you try to take the high route.

Well Watch - Ahahahaha, say goodbye to the tenements well. It’s already a pain since cata rats deal so much damage to it, increasing the horde density will make it so much harder to defend, especially since they can come from more directions at once at that well.

River Reik - Hyperdensity would be a big problem when you’re on the boat.

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The map design philosophy and style has changed so much between the two games that importing them directly would spell disaster for our group of “heroes”. Bosses require way more space to fight, hordes are larger and tend to fail with the slot system far more often, the heroes are more mobile, especially the careers with mobility Career Skills. The last, I think, we could live with, but any enemy-related problem is huge. That would mean that either the AI director, enemy AI or the maps themselves would need to be changed. Working the slot system so that it doesn’t get abused as much would certainly benefit the base game too, but is certainly not easy (or someone would’ve reworked it already). Any option is a huge amount of work. If they are to fit in VT2, the stories would also need to be somewhat reworked (and I can’t think how, say, Well Watch can be sensibly integrated).

The short maps, in addition to the above problems, go against the idea FS went with, that all maps should be roughly equal in value, time- and loot-wise.

I won’t go into specific maps, as practically all would just be repeating the general points above, mostly naming significant chokepoints for the slot system to break in and nasty locations for boss fights.

This is not to say that I wouldn’t love to see them transferred too, and I certainly remember the devs mentioning in a stream (the release stream, maybe?) that they’d like to do this at some point, but it’s a surprising amount of work (about the only thin not needing to be reworked are the general layout and graphical side) and not to be expected soon. And btw, I think getting the (long) base game missions first before even thinking of the VT1 DLC maps, would be the sensible style.

I would love to see the maps in V2 already. (Maybe not the short maps)

As you already mentioned, some maps looks like pain. ^^ The big Hordes in lil and dark places, but i think that would be perfect for better teamwork and the “slay-experience” at all. Blightstormer would be pain as hell, but the rest should be ok. They could still go with rats only there, since Ubersreik got invaded by the rats and not the chaos.

That´s why i still hope, they´ll fix some things in the collision query. I don´t want to die through pillars / walls. :smiley:

I don´t think that would be a problem at all. The V2 gameplay is much faster and without CW´s, a lot of weapons with a strong waveclear and no AP (like the dual-sword) would become comfortable for those maps especially in close areas.
It would be an impressive balancing to make the weapons more map-dependent and not AP-dependent. In the actually state, it´s sadly impossible to get some weapons as useful as the others.

I´m up for every map + difficulty FS will throw on me.

It´s not really equal with all certain maps.^^

Into the Nest is a mess with about 1500 kills + pro match and definately the doubled amount if time of every other map + a lord.
Athel Yenlui is probably the hardest one with the open area.

As i already said, they shouldn´t bring the short barrel-event maps. BUT they could bring them with deeds or just already a kind of special. Double - bosses, permahordes, no utlimates or just “you´ve got 30s to bring the barrel to the goal, otherwise it will explode and respawn.” + Every use of stealth + barrel will respawn it.
So such a lil bit more team-based and difficult and not everyone can rush for a barrel and it´s gg.

Edit: They could even make the events longer like “the first charge of barrels got secured, defend 5 mins till the coach/boat is back and get a second one.”

I think there are two major possibilities:

  • A second invasion of Ubersreik
    In this case the Skaven and Northlanders attack the city.
    Old maps get reused but overhauled to fit the narrative and gameplay.
    major DLC

  • The original invasion
    Only rats, no Northlanders. Now with shields, monks, flamers and stormfiends!
    AI director gets adjusted to fit the old maps.
    fast and not too much work

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v1 maps if they are intended to be a throw back (in v2) shouldn’t really have chaos enemies. skaven only, including the new warpstone flamethrower and stormfiend c:

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