Vermintide backstory

I see alot of posts talking about incorporating things to the game for people that haven’t played V1 could know the backstory and I think if they really wanted to know they could either purchase the game or just watch some videos on it

I think it would be pretty cool if they released all the maps from Vermintide 1 for V2. IDK how much of a re-work that would be, I’m guessing probably a lot which is unfortunate. They were just such good levels!

Apart from Summoner’s Peak. That one can f right off. The rest I agree with you on though. I only wonder how difficult it is to remove some enemies in their entirity in that case, since the chaos northmen were not a part of the first game.

Would be cool, however, if some of the DLC missions would be a return to Ubersreik, to explain what happened after our heroes got captured.

Can I just add the Dungeons to the list of maps to F off? fighting a rat ogre on some beams over a drop in the dark sucked. A lot.

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But it was so epic though! I agree that level was crazy hard but it was so much fun, and freaking terrifying at parts.

I agree. The Dungeons wasn’t that bad. If it got hard at the beam part with a rat ogre or something, just jump down and kill it, it wasn’t a huge drop anyway, so you take no damage. If you are talking about where one of the tomes are, then get down, don’t fight up there.

Summoner’s Peak is just instadeath heaven with to many drops and Cliffs that you could be flung of from by Rat Ogres or Gutter Runners that jumped an ally next to you. Not to mention all the narrow pathways between said drops. It can stay out of any game, thank you very much. I never want to see such poor level design again.

The rest of the original game’s maps, go on ahead and add them, but without the Northmen and trolls and chaos, unless it’s a “we are returning to see what happened after our capture” deal.

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Might be worth incorporating something into the wiki that goes through the events of VT1 and kind of maps out the backstory of what the heroes did and accomplished.

I would love to have the VT1 maps reincarnated for VT2.

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