More Vermintide 1 DLC Missions

Hi! Today I played Chain of Fire Mission for the first time and I love it. I really want to play it as Ironbreaker or Outcast Engineer. :snowflake: :pick: :axe: :hammer_and_pick:
And there are many other great maps in V1! Please make more of them available in V2. No need to change anything in them, just import them to :v2:. I think there are a lot of people like me who would like to pay for it! :skaven:
Anyway thank you for creating both of these great games. :1st_place_medal: :2nd_place_medal:


Man, that dwarven DLC was the best thing that happened to VT1 - its the source of most of my fond memories about that game. I mean, how incredibly beautiful it was!


While it looks amazing (That frozen waterfall yo!) I’ve still got intense anger issues remembering trying to get a falcion to drop for Vic.

Yeah, I don’t want a drop rate either, but maps! :smiley:

I think pretty much everyone would like more VT1 maps.


I wouldn’t. Those maps were designed for a different game, with a different scope and a different artistic direction in mind. In my opinion neither BtU nor TCoD are on par with the original maps, but it’s a long discussion to explain why and it doesn’t make much sense if the argument in their favor is largely “I just want to smash rat lol”. That being said, Verm2 has its own brilliant maps and I’d much rather see the devs put resources into developing it further rather than dwelling on the summits of its predecessor.

Disagree, i am aware that they feature quality both in visuals as well context, but i want new stuff.

I’d like some more snow maps added to the game. VT1 maps I don’t really care for and yea like someone said - the VT1 maps don’t always work well with VT2 aspects. If they revisited old locations I’d rather it was like Curse of Drachenfels with a mix of new and old.

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I think all v1 maps should be brought to v2.

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