Have you noticed?

How different the atmosphere between V1 and V2, the music, the lights, the Ui, skavens feels differently ect. Try replay the first game, i think you will see.

I really miss the dark and lunar atmosphere as well as the mages tower. I think Vermintide 1 maps look better than Vermintide 2 maps.


Halescourge was a fantastic map the first time I played it - really good at showing the level of destruction caused by the Skaven.

I really miss some of the town-scapes from VT1, especially Supply and Demand. Was a great map at making me feel a Warhammer town was a real place.


VT2’s Nurgle vibe has grown on me but I do miss VT1’s variety in both level design and aesthetic. My favorite map by far is Into the Nest as I enjoy the mix of Dwarven Hold + Underempire + the glimpse of the lush mountainous exterior on start and finish. It also has a good, being degree of vertically. I’m fond of Halescourge as well. A lot of the levels I find feel extremely flat.


My favourite is against the grain, because it is a nice pastoral setting completely ruined by the invasion. Quite a “close to home” setting in the UK as a lot of places have the rolling fields and farms exactly like in the level. I used to open gates and walk through wheat-fields EXACTLY like that to get to our treehouse when we were kids.

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Overall I’m a big fan of the V2 maps but I agree they do feel different. I haven’t gone back to replay V1 yet so I’m interested to give that a try and see how different it feels now.

The only map I don’t like is Fort Brach, it has a lot of potential but the utter lack of NPCs (or even just corpses and general destruction) around and inside the fort just ruin it.

I did a run of Man the Ramparts recently and wow I forgot how dark it was. The atmosphere in general feels much more oppressive than in V2, probably because the attacks are still happening, where in a lot of maps for V2 the attacks are done or you’re attacking their positions.


Thought i’d relish the change of scene in V2 but it just made me like the V1 maps even more.

The major problem with V2 is that you are forced to turn off sun shadows in graphic settings to get that 20-30FPS boost and make the game playable even during hordes BUT then every map looks disgusting.

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I hate how almost every map in this game is set during the day. The pale moon shining down ominously from a dark green sky helped set the tone in V1 and I was disappointed that the art style in V2 got more generic than the stylized buildings in V1.


My favorite map was Dungeons from the first game. The Darkness mechanic was super cool… which is why I was super disappointed to see how it was used payload style in V2. The need to have one person down while they carry the torch as you go through was amazing, you could try to run through or throw down the torch and hold your ground. It was interesting! It was intuitive and it forced teamwork.

Now it’s literally just “Stand near the cart. Don’t go in the dark. Occasionally pull a lever.” Disappointment.


Mate, people avoided that map like the PLAGUE in V1 because the darkness mechanic was not fun. There was a point in the map where you could fall down a narrow platform into a pit and not see anything because the person carrying the torch was walking off, not to mention fighting an ogre in the dark was the pits. The fact that we only had to deal with a small section of darkness in V2 was a blessing and even then that part is BS.

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Well, I loved Dungeons because it was so different to all the other maps with the darkness mechanic. As long as it’s not used often (I think it was also used in the Courier map) then it makes for a nice change of pace.


I didn’t mind fighting the ogre in the open chamber with the horde, but running along the beams over the pit while an ogre punched you around was just not fun at all. Sienna’s hair being on fire as unchained NOT casting light seems a bit off too.

If the person carrying the torch could have lit other torches along the way then it might have been much better.

i love how polarising the dark maps are in both games. some people love it, some people hate it.

the funniest posts are when people complain about how ‘they can’t see’ like, that’s kinda the whole point rofl

It’s not natural darkness and the torches are enchanted differently than normal fire, is why.

Ah yeah forgot they say something along those lines about it being unnatural darkness.

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