Ubersreik DLC is awesome

Hi there

I played the original maps many time and the remastered versions are awesome, really
Horn of Magnus is my favourite, it shows the invasion at its finest, the empire , overrun by Skaven and Chaos,

This 3 maps add the dark atmosphere of v1 back, good work Fs

I want brand new maps, but this 2 are pretty cool.

Totally worth it


Agreed the maps are awesome, really loving the darker atmosphere!
Still have to unlock the 4th secret map, hoping to get to do that this evening.


I couldn’t agree more; the first time I played VT1 and had no idea what I was doing, there was nothing scarier than walking into that barracks where all the guards were just scattered about the place… really sets in the mood of the End-Times!


Return of dialogue that really set the mood!

What?! Are you eyeing that tavern? Where is your discipline?”


True, I also enjoy fighting the rats exclusively. It’s a good addition.

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