Critical flaw in latest DLC

DLC doesn’t contain “Wizard’s Tower”


(I mean, okay, those other levels are cool too, but Wizard’s Tower just happens to be my personal favorite. The illusionary stuff was inspired!)


Yep, that’s the thing I was a little disappointed with; the Tower was the most interesting-looking map in VT1. Well, here’s hoping we get more later.


War Machines and Garden of Morr feel somewhat similar, not only between them, but similar to V2: Swamp/forest areas. I was also hoping for the tower :cry:

Yeah, the 3 most iconic maps of vanilla VT1 were Horn, Gardens, and Wizard’s.

Could have totally had the Rune hidden in the Trials of the Foolhardy puzzle.

i want drachenfels too Q_Q

me favourite map from v1

I totally respect that, but Wizard tower is the only map from v1 that I don’t like,
I like “empire maps” maps showing the invasion, (I like Athel Yenlui too)

Horn of Magnus, River Reik, Reikwald Forest and Reaching out are my favourites of V1

Maybe they remaster some other maps from v1, who knows

I’m sure wizards tower will be available in the next Back to Back-Ubersreik DLC for 9,99 (also including double swiftbow for elf and double handgun for kruber).

““double handgun for kruber””

DOOM, the End Times :joy:

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