Suggestion: "Artifacts" New V1 maps DLC

DLC name —> “Artifacts”

History —> Olesya needs us to use the bridge of shadows again. We will have to go back to the past and recover the lost artifacts in different maps.

  • The Wizards Tower: Spellbook
  • Castle Drachenfels: Vampire Grail
  • The Cursed Rune: Dwarf Chest
  • The Courier: Old World Map
  • The River Reik: Sailor Gem


  • New cosmetics
  • New portrait frames
  • 2 new paintings on each map
  • Standards for the castle
  • New objects in the trophy room

With this we would add to V2 content from the old V1 DLCs, so you can enjoy all of these wonderful maps. What do you think about this idea? :slight_smile:


Having not played VT 1 or its DLCs and having enjoyed the Back to Ubersreik DLC, I would be happy to see more VT1 map DLCs at some point. Though I think it should be spread out a little bit. The last DLC was maps from VT1, and another VT1 map pack too soon might not sit well those who have played VT1, as they are probably excited for new maps and settings. So, whereas, I’d love to have more VT1 maps, I’d say, maybe give time for a few new DLCs first.


I’d love this. V1 maps are super excellent, and river reik is still my all time favorite map out of any of them. Heck I’d buy dlc with those maps even without extra stuff, so cosmetics or weapons or whatever would really sweeten the deal!

What was that one special level from the first game? You could unlock it with a challenge on wizards tower, and then you’d get the crazy level with all the portals. A V2 version of that would be freaking sweet.


Trials of the Foolhardy? Never ended up playing it as we didn’t have four (competent) players available then to open it, but it could be fun.

But in all honesty, as can be seen from the Dev Blog about translating the old maps the work put in that is almost as much as completely new ones. Basically, only some of the assets can be reused, and only the basic design is still there. Besides, while I was slightly disappointed that Wizard’s Tower wasn’t in BtU (it’s one of the most interesting map designs, after all), I can also see that its narrow corridors and labyrinthine design is problematic with the style of the newer game, making translating it even more troublesome than many others. Same goes for Drachenfels, too.

There’s an additional thing that some noted quite soon after Back to Ubersreik came out: While the old maps bring out some nostalgia, these are maps that many of us have run through and through, dozens if not hundreds of times each. The nostalgia disappears soon and we’re left with very familiar maps, even if there are a few new things to do and the books are in new locations. Of course, this doesn’t apply to new players, but I’d say quite a lot of us experienced players are veterans from VT1 already, and thus familiar with the maps.

For those reasons, I’d rather see completely new maps than rehash of the old ones, even if the old ones are very good.


Although I really like the idea, I agree with @Yzneftamz. I’d rather see some new maps now. After a year or two, when we get the new content and possibly some new maps, why not, we could go back to the “Artifacts” DLC then :slight_smile:


I’d rather see new maps than those recycled from V1. Now V1 even with DLCs is so cheap that everyone can buy and fill up without any problems.

BtU was nice to play in the beginning, but I don’t always look forward playing them when the are rotated in in QP.
And since porting takes almost the same time/resources, everyone would be better off if they made new maps designed for V2.

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I understand what you say, Winds of Magic is the priority now, of course. We´re all looking forward to seeing the new great expansion. Maybe this DLC of V1 maps would be a good option for a period between Winds of Magic and another great new expansion.

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Depending on the map, I could rank some of the Vermintide 1 maps as something I’d want more than a new map (of course, I suppose that also depends on the quality/entertainment value of the new map) despite me being an Ubersreik Veteran. I guess it all comes down to personal taste?

In the end, however, I agree that it might be more prudent to release new maps; then everyone gets that “New-World” feel when a DLC comes out.

@SrRaulCL I agree; I think if they did some more re-hashes, they’d need to use it as an in-between to the major expansions. I don’t think any of the really big ones should be Back-to-Ubersreik DLCs.

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