I miss different Missiontypes, like in V1

Besides all the terrible bugs, the missing voice lines, and so on…I really miss different missions, like in V1.
I just go literally into a map and killing everything. Yeah, you have some events or so…but where do I burst tunnels, stealing Blackpowder or getting food?
Some diversity would be nice, dont you think? Someday?

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I miss Vermintide 1 in general, I may just drop this game and go back to playing it again.

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Hunger in the Dark . You also make a mad dash to rescue prisoners in Against the Grain, disrupt a major chaos ritual in Convocation of Decay, you infiltrate the under-empire to kill a Warlord, and loads more. If anything, mission variety in VT2 is far greater than vanilla VT1. But I do agree that a suplly run mission like the one on the market in VT1 would be dope.

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Yeah, I completely get your point, but it all still feel more like “running through an awesome map and killing all…with sometimes special things besides”.

Blackpowder or Well defense…just one big area and doing there some things…maybe you get my point.

But in first case…the game should soon leave Beta and getting full status, without being a Bug Planet.

oh my god those defense objectives with hp were a nightmare. Gathering stuff or having to hold a spot, that’s cool and all but please fatshark dont bring back defense objectives :frowning:

I remember Wizards Tower being a somewhat avoided map because of the finale. They did nerf the spawns at some point and it became much more manageable, but to get to the end of a 20m map and wipe because a few Stormvermin prevented you from controlling the horde at the ward was common.
I have to say that the finale on Athel Yenlui is very nice, you actually have to pay attention to what you are doing rather than frantically hack away at a few chains.

I miss Man the Ramparts. Short and sweet.

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