V1 vs V2

What do you think?
Just imagine The bugs where fixed, which game do you like more and why?

Vermintide 2, simply because there’s so much more variance in just about everything. There still are some things that VT1 did better, but even when I started playing, it had already had a long time to smooth out all kinds of kinks.

In VT1, all you could change build-wise was your equipment, there was only one boss (with another added later) and there were only the Skaven enemies (with a few less of them, too). Now we have Careers and Talents in addition to somewhat more varied equipment, four Bosses plus Lords, Chaos in addition to Skaven, several new Specials too… And maybe even a bit more variance in the maps. Sure, there are still some things to tweak (even ignoring actual bugs), both with balance and quality of life, but FS has already brought the game a long way from what it was at launch.


Without bugs then V2 hands down. i love the diversity of the different careers, the talents and ults of our heroes growing in power, and how big + epic the game feels. When the level design, music, and a huge wave of enemies all come together it’s just epic as f***.


The Traits from V1 gave you way more variance for Playstyles as the V2 Careers besides the Ults.


I actually like the level design of V1 more than V2. I really liked ubersreik and the style of the town, the drachenfels and karak azgaraz dlc were astounding. The chaos swamps in V2 feel murkier (in an unpleasing way) and the base maps of V2 are getting stale faster than the V1 base maps did.

Overall immersion/feels wise V1 is the more captivating game imo. V2 brings a lot to the table and has a lot of upgrades, but somehow the game has lost some of the magic V1 had for me.


Guess it’s cause VT1 was a completely new experience.


This just makes me hope so much for some of the maps from game 1 making it into game 2. They may need some tweaks; I could see Chaos Patrols getting stuck on certain areas that Stormvermin patrols could pass through without problem. But it would still be amazing.

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I enjoyed the lorebook quite a lot as well, disappointing i havent heard of anything mentioned for V2.


They added that in an update sometime down the line, I believe. Hopefully the same will happen with V2 at some point. This is a “long-haul” kinda game that will keep getting better.

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i miss the trueflight bow the most. it was super duper fun watching arrows streak to the target’s head, leaving a tracer trail behind for a long time… really really fun times.


V1 was a great starting point, v2 has carried on nicely, The bug count is too high though. Dropouts, strange graphical glitches, talents and challenges not working or not working as expected, and the levels seem to have more issues like trapped in place, and disappearing terrain, and oh look at that horde/special/patrol spawning out of thin air right in front of me…

So discounting bugs V2, counting them I’d still be playing V2, but V1 would have my vote for better game overall.


Definitely V2.

I for one have been quite lucky with the bugs. At least no CTDs, just the occasional lag or packmaster spawning 3 meters in front of me out of thin air but these are things that can get fixed.
People are great most of the time, the amount of Kerilians going Rambo ahead of everyone just to get top scores dropped to almost none as I progressed through the difficulties.

It just needs a bit more time to be fleshed out. And I can barely wait for the DLCs or even bigger stuff.

V1 definitely. V2 feels casualized for me, don’t get me wrong, it’s a great game, it’s just I really never needed the abilities (in fact it took me time to remember using them, cause 80% are so un-needed). Also fighting chaos is not as much fun as fighting skaven for me. Overall if it would be possible I’d wish VT2 never happened and the skaven enemies, new weapons and maps came to VT1.


I’m gonna dive into this without too much thought into it but I can’t contain the desire to chime in. I honestly really prefer V1’s current state over VT2 in a few but powerful ways. Aside from gameplay mechanics such as way better weapon feedback, there was a stronger sense of lore and atmosphere in the first game. In VT2’s favor there’s no doubt a superior map design and Athel Yenlui has an amazing forest-feel to it over River Reik or the Reikland Forest one. Sound is amazing too.

The dodging and punishment for guard-break is vastly different but what I consider to be on par with the pretty cut & dry, bleak and uninspired Talents on pretty much every Career is the trait system in VT1 where you had different traits on every weapon and its rarity. What VT2 failed in terms of traits and talents is where VT1 still provides high reason for me to come back to it. For example, Haste/Scrounger/Scavenger on the Brace of Pistols are one of the few loadout specific weapons that create such an enjoyable experience.

The (Red) Saltzpyre 1h axe is incredibly fun and viable to use on Nightmare on pretty much anything until you hit Cataclysm and it takes 2 bodyshots on a Clanrat. Though you can still use the axe against armor with high effectiveness. This being said, even the trait combos have some really bad design hidden in some weaponry. (Bolt Staff probably has the least amount of variety with tons of near unusable or broken functionality, Handgun with Haste is absolutely useless and should have been given to Repeater Pistol… etc)

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To get in on this, I would have to say V2, just because im a fan of having skill trees in games with also multiple different classes which perform different. The fact that there are only 5 characters but all of them play differentley on there own, is great and was a good part of vermintide 1 as well but the fact that each of the characters also have 3 different roles within them is amazing for me, I get bored if im doing the same thing so having so a wide variety of playstyles is great. Also, with a single character class, you can make different playstyles with the talents you choose.

However, the maps in vermintide 1 were a bit more interesting than some of the ones we have in V2 currently. Let me just say this much however V2 in my opinion has so much variety and things to do than the first, the only negative i can see in V2 is the lack of dialogue between the characters seen as the characters are so well written and acted that i would love for just more conversations between them.

So, To end this off, im just going to tell you my hours in each of the games, In V1 i have 34 hours which really isn’t that much, In V2 i have 260 hours so that basically sums up my opinions on the game

I generally like that there is more variety in V2. But there are things that i miss from V1.
Its hard to describe. I try it with an example.

The first time i played Cataclysm in V1 was the level man the ramparts. I had to try it arround 12 times to finally finish it. Everytime i failed was deserved. Every hit i got was due to a mistake i did.

Legend in v2 fels different. Trying a full run without getting hit a single time feels impossible. But also getting hit is less of a problem in my opinion. I don’t like the temp health. It changes the playstyle.
I think avoiding getting hit should be the most important thing. Every single time you get damaged should mather. With many careers its way to easy to get youre full temp health healthbar.

To summ it up. In V2 doing damage feels more important than in v1 while taking damage feels less important than in v1. So i couldn’t decide which Vermintide i like more so far.


Temp Health isn’t a new Feature in V2 is just like the Traits Regrowth/Bloodlust in V1. I think It even encourages to stay in Fight to keep your Hp up.

V1 has the better Atmosphere, running through the Streets of Ubersreik, almost sneaking, you were like a Guerilla Troop, striking fast against importend Targets.

V2 you are not here to save anything your just here to slaughter anything that isn’t friendly looking, you rampage in a 50-80Km Radius around Helmgart, feels a bit like Michael Bay had a Word to say here.

Besides the Atmo. , the Careers are all the same only differencing in the Abilitys and some base Stats, the Talents and Careers passives are mostly the Traits from V1, which is the Reason we have so little Traits left for the Weapon/trinkets in V2.

The Abilitys are as well not thought through just Copy Pasted (basically), another flaw was it to remove the mocking Voice lines, that’s part of the Games charm.

First World Problem: Bardin needs again more lines of Singing like in V1.

With all those Flaws i love V2 but it definitely is at the Moment not better as V1.


Mostly i didn’t have this traits on my weapons so maybe i just don’t have enough experience with it.
But im pretty sure you get much more temp health in V2 than permanent health in V1.

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Yes, Temp Hp would be a better use as a Weapon Trait instead of wasting 3 Talent Slots for it, most Careers take anyway Hp on kill.

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