V1 vs V2

That would be cool. But to be honest my win rate would defenitely suffer XD. Still i would prefer to have it as a weapon trait

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v1 has some really nice maps
i like all the 3 tome 2 grim maps in v1 :smiley:


disagree. it’s a very different mechanic and i agree with @debito20091993 that it changes the gameplay.

in v1 you are punished for mistakes and you can slowly bring up your health through being careful once again. in v2 it’s all about killing. as long as you kill a lot, you can afford to take hit. take 2 hits during a horde? no problem, just kill a bunch to bring your temp hp back to full again. in v1, if you take a few hits, you’re gonna have to really protect what’s remaining of your bar.

i’m not a supporter of temp hp, i prefer the v1 regrowth mechanics better.

edit: lorewise, temp hp totally does not make sense too, i can imagine a magical sword sucking the vitality out of a victim, but how do you explain temp health from shooting 3 rats, lol


Yeah, it was very different because both Regrowth and Bloodlust in V1 only had a chance to proc.

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I wish we had the option of temp health OR regrowth, because I also liked the mechanics of regrowth. I’d like to be able to switch between aggressive temp health playstyle over to cautious avoid taking damage regrowth style.

Then again, vermintide 2 is just so much more faster paced and hectic in general. Regrowth might not suit it well…


Maybe we are lucky and get a mod?

V1 for me as the game was just all around more polished. I miss the slot system that prevented unit stacking, I miss the sound ques being on point, I miss my accessories and weapon traits making a difference beyond breakpoints, maybe in the future V2 will get there but thats a long ways away.

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