What's Your One Favourite Thing About V2? - Show Some Love to the Devs

Me and my friends have been talking about this a lot lately and we’re curious about what the rest of the community has to say on this.

My favourite thing in Vermintide 2 is the challenge and how good it feels to improve and beat new maps with the highest difficulties. It’s just a nice feeling to succeed at one of the few games that is genuinely difficult.

Please do post below with your own favourite things and why, apart from anything it gives the Devs a place to see what they’re doing well and what they could focus on providing more of in the future, instead of always seeing what got done wrong.


Seeing new maps and character interactions.
I love the gameplay and its challenges, but my favorite part is the story.
I loved the drachenfels’ lines in this one! We have a lot new info on our heroes! something about kerillian even, for the first time in two games!


What I definetly love the most is the lore of our heroes.
Especially Bardin’s as it suddenly became a lot more complex and tragic because of the new maps.
I love every single interaction between them and would love to get as much as possible.

Of course the melee action is just so wonderfully done.
The community is also filled with a lot of friendly individuals.
The interaction with Devs themselves also got a lot better! The frequent Friday Updates are very, very welcome!


I love all the details, big and small, that give so much atmosphere and feeling to the Warhammer world. One example is Saltzpyre’s pig-on-the-head, that actually has a reference in the lore - Great digging, guys!

I really love the new Drachenfels maps (especially The Enchanter’s Lair - definitely my favourite), that has a nice eerie feeling or despair and disgust.


If I’m only allowed one favorite thing I’d have to say the Ubersreik 5.

Fatshark and the voice actors have done an amazing job with the characters.

I’ll also throw this thread in here for extra love.


The attachment to the characters is truly something rare in a modern game. I’ve spent so long with these five people it’s sincerely going to be heartbreaking when in VT4 they are consigned to their fate.

At the battle of Erengrad, falling while defending against an overwhelming tide of chaos. Their valiant sacrifice by destroying the Demon Prince Scrofulus the Pustulent in the frozen fields enabled the defenders to seal the gates against the tide, allowing the Combined Armies of Ostermark and Kislev to unite and crush the armies besieging the City months later.

Being a footnote in the pages of history is always the fate of true heroism.

Please don’t do this to me FS. My favourite thing in this whole game is Markus Kruber. The characters in this game are magnificent and the voice actors aren’t getting paid enough. Please single handedly Retcon Age of Sigmar and don’t kill them. I mean it.


EY EY EY! We all know that is NOT going to happen. Vermintide will actually offer an alternate ending, where all the good people survive and all the bad people die! And in the end everybody starts singing just like Disney movies!


Oi! I’d rather see the U5 find a good doom than be turned into a bunch of Disneyfreaks!


Next thing you know Meghan Markle the DUCHESS OF STUPID will do the voiceover and I’ll go on some kind of rampage in the cereal aisle. (when I’m allowed back out.)


That’s more than one favorite thing, bruh.


You seem quite cross. Does someone need a nap?

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I understand that you’re dissatisfied with the game and/or the devs.
Please choose another thread to vent your frustration in! This thread is for the positive things.


My favourite things about this game are the elf, the elf, and the elf. Did I mention the elf? Oh yes the elf.


For me the variety, the maps are the same but every game is different


the melee combat is the biggest thing they’ve really hit the nail on the head with. I remember playing V1 for the first time and the very moment I attacked that first clanrat with just a bog standard Kruber longsword I fell in love. there isn’t another game that handles first person melee combat as good as vermintide does, I think the only game that’s come close in the last few years has been Mordhau

the feeling when you hit something but not enough to kill and it seems like your weapon gets stuck in them for a second before you wrench it free for another attack, it’s such an important thing for games like that and so many get it wrong, the biggest named offender probably being Skyrim. Floaty melee is the bane of the genre


For me, the best thing about Vermintide is to be able to play in the world of Warhammer.

But I really enjoy playing with my friends, chatting, joking, beating levels, sharing ideas about builds …

Imho; this is the perfect game!
But I can’t wait for more content though!


I love the excellent work on the athmosphere in this game. Kudos to the art team! And the character writing (interactions and such) is absolutely top notch, the voice actors are without exception simply stellar, and all this together really makes the characters come alive, IMO better than characters in most shows, even.

I love the core combat gameplay. It’s nice and diverse, and all the different weapons really feel different to swing around, and they’re all very satisfying to use. Nothing like cleaving some evil scum in this game. The combat is visceral and not “floaty”. It holds up even after thousands of hours, which is amazing! There’s simply no other game like this.

What I maybe love the most about Vermintide, however, is how the endgame is the gameplay itself. It’s about improving yourself and beating that next challenge. This is rare, since in most games “endgame” is grinding for grinding’s sake, where stuff is gated behind having grinded, and that stuff is basically more grinding as well. For some games, like Diablo, that’s the premise of the game and it sorta works, but in most games the “endgame difficulty” feels artificial. Vermintide avoids that. Beating things at the highest difficulty is done through skill, not through RNG luck and sinking time. Sure, it could be even better in this regard (crafting rework to make everything like the Athanor and weapon power not locked behind RNG through red drops!), but skill is by far the most important, and the deciding, factor here. And that keeps everybody engaged, in the end.

And I would like to restate how much I love the new Drachenfels maps. Mainly because of the same reasons I like the game as written above. Excellent work FS! More, please!


I am and always will be in love with the characters and their chemistry. This ragtag bunch of misfits have so much personality, and they’re all a joy to listen to as they talk, bicker, tease and comfort each other. Every new map is a new set of dialogues, conversations and backstory revealing for our characters, too, so I’m always looking forwards to them.

Naturally, the outstanding work in the gameplay and the feel for the melee combat is what makes Vermintide an amazing game, and I think everyone else already covered that, but I gotta say that the love put into these characters is what made Vermintide very dear to me. It’s what got me to care for this game and invest myself into it.


I’m quite vulnerable to story endings and can suffer a lump in my throat for weeks!
That’s why I’m also very carefull which shows I am watching.

Game of Thrones for example made it easy tho.
The last season was so sh*te any emotional attachment was gone until the actual ending arrived…

And yes I’ve watched too many Disney movies as a kid.


Spear and Shield, because it is the best combination ever devised. Ithilmar not required, though preferable. It must, however, by wielded by an elf.