i feel like vermintide 1 is a bit neglected. it would be nice to make v1 integrate into v2 somehow. i say this because v1 had so many crazy good maps that aren’t being played and it feels like a waste. somebody do something about this DX!!!


Yeah that about sums up my feelings on the issue. There’s nothing “bad” about vermintide 1 compared to VM2. It’s a different game with a smaller scope and there is plenty to enjoy about it. But it currently suffers from several issues like a horrible new player experience and useless bots. I managed to get over the hump by playing quest missions exclusively and sinking everything I earned back into gear. I am now approaching level 60 and I can now handle full book Nightmare on most maps and Cata on certain maps, but without books.

When I get the time I’m going to redo that thread to account for the experience I’ve gained. There are a couple of things I was wrong about but my views on certain other issues have only been reinforced.

The game is “finished”. Hedge dropped a hint of a possible discussion within fatshark regarding considering making bots more ‘robust’ due to a smaller player base. Idk if said discussion ever took place and if so what resulted from it.

What about the game, pre-nighmare, did you find so challenging?

Well, the OP just hinted at the game being dead and wants the V1 maps on V2. Which they have already done with the Back to Ubesreik DLC. @KKND2 I’m sure they will port over more maps in the future in between new map DLCs. One thing FS has shown for V2 is that they don’t want to release just maps, they always want a little something extra with it. Be that new weapons or just illusions.

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i think firstly, give people who bought v2, or the back to XX dlc (atm its ubersriek, maybe later we’ll get a ubersrieks 2, drachenfels etc…) if they dont already own it (cuz seriously fatshark, are u really making sales from v1 -_o?). then create weeklys that gives people v2 rewards if they play v1.
i wouldn’t mind if the people from v2 playing v1 kept their v2 perks (like talents, ult, weapon traits etc).
and let v1 player play with v2 player in the same game. so people from v1 (without v2) sees what v2 is like.

of course this might make v1 extremely easy. but it is ok to not have everything be super hard. nothing wrong with sight seeing.

would also be nice to join v1 games from v2 game lobby :smiley:
basically integrate the 2 games 2gether :O!!